Two Steps to Becoming an Internet Marketing Celebrity


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Would you like to rank with the Joe Vitales and Ken Evoys of the World Wide Web? Then do the same things they've done! Here is an easy-to-follow outline for doing just that.

1. What is your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP?

Create an innovation in the marketplace. Differentiate your product line. You don't even need to compete with other Internet marketers! Just create something of great value that ingratiates people to you. Overdeliver and overdeliver and overdeliver some more, and people will be afraid not to take advantage of your future offers.

What is your niche? It's actually fun to come up with new Internet marketing ideas. And trust me, it's easy to become miserable when all of your efforts are focused on creating a product that's the exact same as everyone else's.

Does your innovation excite you? If so, chances are it may excite others as well. Use surveys and ask people questions in Internet marketing forums to see what they think, without totally giving away your ideas.

What products and services aren't other Internet marketers providing that you could begin offering? What holes are present that need to be filled?

Your ability to help others succeed is in direct proportion to how successful you will be.

2. Brand yourself by differentiating your products and service by name.

For example, Joe Vitale's website is ‘’. Ken Evoy's Sitesell line of products, such as Make Your Knowledge Sell and Make Your Words Sell, differentiate him from everyone else on the Internet.

If you are marketing a new search engine optimization information product, which is a better name: Search Engine Cash Flow, or Search Engine Secrets?

Say, after creating this information product, you would like to create an ebook about creative link exchange methods. You could name this ebook Link Exchange Cash Flow. Do you see how you can now create an entire “Cash Flow" line of products, and that whenever someone sees a product with the words “Cash Flow" they will automatically think of you?

As you gain more and more recognition, the need for a Unique Selling Proposition will be less and less important. Stephen King has more freedom to write about anything he likes than he did starting out.

Apply this to your own Internet marketing campaign. As you grow more successful, you will have more latitude than most Internet marketers, and people will listen to your message simply because of who you are. Have fun building your Internet marketing empire!

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The First Steps In Ideal Internet Marketing
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