How to Get 10%+ Conversion Rates and Inceased Profits by Simply Breaking Even: Part 1


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It's becoming common knowledge the next big thing in Internet Marketing is video. Already many internet marketers have started doing this and there conversion rates are jumping from 2% to over 10%. So what exactly are they doing with these videos? Putting it simply they are replacing the written testimonial with video testimonials.

Which would convince you to buy more?

1) A testimonial in a big yellow box written by someone you don’t know, telling you how great the ebook is and how much they have earned


2) A video created by the Publisher, showing you invoices of how much he/she earned by using the methods outlined in the ebook.

It’s obvious that the conversion will be much higher for number 2).

With this high conversion rate we can increase product price by 50% and increase profits further. This is the power of video. The big boys are already doing this, its easy for them, they have made huge sales with there products. So they simple get their clickbank or paypal receipts and demonstrate them on video. But the small fish can’t do this because they haven’t made the sales so they can’t prove on video how much they’ve made, which effectively won’t allow them to increase their conversion rates. Well there is a simple way they can do this and it’s all about breaking even.

The key ingredient in all this is, psychologically customers do not think of cost. If you have a video showing your clickbank receipts, all the potential customer is seeing is how much you’ve made. If you produced a clickbank cheque worth 8,000 for the month of May, the customer automatically assumes you made $8,000 profit selling your product. Roughly 80% will never stop and think that you spent $7,000 on costs to promote your ebook. They will see what they want to see, $8,000 in product sales. If a potential customer can see exactly how much you have earned using your product it will give him the confidence to do so and ultimately lead to purchasing the product.

In part 2, I will show exactly how you can make huge sales numbers, blast your conversion rates over 10% by breaking even and producing videos.

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