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If you were a carpenter, you would need a hammer and nails, right? Well, since you're an Internet Marketer, there are certain tools you need as well. If you are serious about making the big bucks, you need to be as familiar with the following “tools" as a carpenter is with a hammer. . . Why not take this little quiz to see if you are a Master, Intermediate, or Novice Marketer?

a. Software that writes ads for you
b. Software that counts how many clicks or sales you've made
c. People that you pay to watch your Alexa ratings

a. Automatic email messages
b. Car parts
c. Books about Internet Success

Brandible Ebooks
a. Western Books
b. Books about Branding Your Business Name
c. Electronic books that can be branded with your business name and info

a. Electric blankets
b. Pictures of boxes and books that don't exist
c. The name of a popular search engine

a. Search engines that you agree to pay money to for advertising
b. Money you receive when someone buys your product
c. A new phone service

The answers are in this order: b, a, c, b, a-So, how did you do?
0-1 Novice: You need help-but don't despair, keep reading!
2-3 Intermediate - Not bad, but you could use a bit of training to be even more successful
4-5 Hey, you're pretty good! You must be one of those Life-Long Learners!

Everything above, which is not the exhaustive list by far, is important to know about to getting started in the very competitive field of Internet Marketing.

If you want to know more about this exciting opportunity to make real money with on the Internet, go to

Dirk Wagner is the CEO of a powerful resource for needed marketing tools and creator of the #1 IMO Marketing Toolbar. He also is the publisher of a free home business online course at .


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Tools of the Trade to Build Your MLM Business
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