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The first thing to understand if you are in business on the internet is that Traffic is the most important commodity. In fact just about any thing you do is for the purpose of driving visitors to your web site.

Newbies get very confused when they first join a business such as an Affiliate Program. They are bombarded with web sites to use, email courses, banners, ezine information, search engine optimization, free ad sites, pay per click, etc, etc. . . But nobody clearly tells them this is all to get traffic to your new web site. That is how you succeed. But most get so confused trying to figure out what this is all about. Soon they get frustrated and quit.

I like to take them and give them one simple program. Let them see results and they get excited. Start earning some money and generating traffic! That will keep them in for the long term.

You can find simple methods that can generate income quickly. I have used pay per click with low ppc charges in some of the less popular search engines. There are also some very low cost ezines out there that guaranteed visitors for only $2 or $3.

I know most surfing programs are scams. But there are a few that have been around for a while and are stable. They are easy. It only takes a few minutes. They get paid in a few days and they create traffic to any web site the newbie chosees.

Once they see activity they are going to stick around for the long term programs.

Now they see it is real there is a cheap way to get traffic soon. They are still a little confused, but they are going to stay the course because they see internet marketing works.

So my advise is if you want to increase your retention rate keep it simple. Help them get traffic and earn some money first! Once they see the money they will stick around.

Al Villa

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Home Business Entrepreneur Al villa is a retired Judge. He has several successful Internet Businesses and has dedicated his time to help others succeed. . Feel free to copy and distribute this article as long as it is copied and distributed exactly as written and in its’ entirety.

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How to Retain Your Customers the Dish Network Way
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