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Perhaps the most powerful component of any Web site sales copy is the use of testimonials. Inserted in your sales copy, unbiased words of praise from satisfied customers have the following potent effect for your prospect. Effective testimonials;

Rationalize your prospect’s buying decision GOOGLE ADSENSE Back up the claims you make for your product or service Vouch for the benefits of your product or service. However, despite their clout as an influential sales tool, it is amazing how many clients fail to effectively gather and use this precious commodity. Some tips for including this essential component in your future promotions.

  • Whenever a great unsolicited testimonial from a customer crosses your desk, contact the customer for permission to use all or part of it in your marketing campaign. And also request a photo.

  • Always include the full name, as well as address under the testimonial.

  • Be proactive in soliciting testimonials from your customers. Send personal letters or notes to your customer list indicating you are updating your marketing program and would be grateful for comments about what they liked most about your product or service. Phone surveys are also an option. Elicit the reasons they purchased your product, the three features or characteristics they like most about it (and why), and the product’s strongest feature, More importantly, ask them how the product or service has most benefited them; e. g. how it saved them time, money or frustration. And of course, solicit any comments they have on what they would like to see changed.

    Note a secondary benefit of such an approach; learning things about your product or service that can be improved or corrected.

  • Of course, if you are not receiving testimonials from customers, find out why. The problem is most likely with your product or service. Improve that and the testimonials will come…as well as increased sales!

    Sprinkled throughout your sales copy, testimonials provide a compelling reason for purchasing your product or service. A good rule of thumb is; include 1-3 testimonials for each product or service benefit. A collection of testimonials can also be included as a separate stand-alone piece of your promotional package.

    Wherever you place them, make sure each testimonial adheres to the four golden rules…

    Be specific
    Stick with one benefit per testimonial
    Make sure all claims are believable
    Keep the testimonial targeted to your audience, excluding anything
    irrelevant or offensive.

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