What the Internet Experts Won't Tell You About Making Money on the Internet

Douglas Hanna

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There are a lot of gurus (experts) who would like you to think you can get rich quick selling products or information on the Internet – if you just buy their advice. . For example, I get a newsletter every week from one expert who constantly showcases the success of a client of his who made $1,500 his first month.

However, I have noticed that this success story is always the same person and the same $1,500. I have also received countless ezines (electronic newsletters) from other Internet gurus who promise to help me get rich quick.

Some people do get rich quick

I do believe there are certain people who do just this – either because they managed to find an incredibly profitable niche or because they had a really desirable and unique product.

However, I am equally sure that these people are in a small minority. I also believe that many of these experts never really sold anything successfully on the Internet besides maybe their how-to information about selling on the Internet.

You can make money on the Internet but it's more like get rich slow. It just takes time to build a good mailing list. It just takes time to create an ezine that people will read and respond to. It just takes time to find a profitable market niche. And it just takes time to learn how to write great sell copy.

An example from my own life

Here's an example from my own life. I have tried selling on eBay. I have tried selling on eBay on a drop-ship basis. I have had a one-page web site selling information. I have written and distributed an ezine. And you know what? None of this worked because my expectation was that I would be “getting rich quick. ”

Today, I am working with one company whose mascot is a tortoise. This company understands that it takes time and patience to build a successful Internet business. They teach that to have a successful web site, you must have traffic and that you cannot build great traffic overnight. I have followed their advice to the letter. My web site is attracting more visitors and more page views every month. I actually have one keyword that is ranked #1 by Google. I'm not making much money yet but believe that I will be by March or April of next year.

So, I won't be getting rich quick – despite what many of those Internet gurus want you to believe – but I just might get rich slow.

Here's something you can depend on to be true. There's a new technology called HD Radio that enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally. This is a tremendous technological leap from today's familiar analog broadcasts. These digital broadcasts provide listeners with radically improved audio quality, more radio channels through multicasting, and new data services. To learn more about this amazing new technology, just go my Web site, http://www.hd-radio-home.com , to get all the buzz.

Douglas Hanna is a retired marketing executive and the author of numerous articles on HD radio, Internet marketing and family finances.


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