Internet Marketing: Add 'Targeted' to Your 'Advertising'


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I don't think there are people who don't know about ‘Disney’ and their stuff. Still those guys advertise a lot.

Everybody knows the ‘Microsoft’. Still they don't spend a day with out advertising.


Advertising is the simple, basic and a MUST follow step in your business.

= You can reach many people who don't know about your product


= You can make potential customers from advertising.

= You can explode your sales by advertising.

= You can brand yourself from the crowd by advertising.

How to advertise to get all the above results?


Targeted means the advertising specifically points to your potential audience.

If you keep a flyer on ‘Chocolates’ in a Grocery store is also advertising. Keep that flyer infront of the schools will be ‘targeted advertising’.

There are few excellent and proven methods to do this ‘targeted advertising’.


By keeping keywords in your title and keyword metatags you can direct good amount of targeted traffic to your site.

Select target keywords in phrases. If your website is about ezine articles, then you can use the keywords like-

free content
free ezine articles
free reprint articles
content for ezines
ezine articles
articles for publishing

You can see the keywords pertaining to your website at- http://inventory.

If it is necessary, use your demographic location in keywords like-

realestate business Miami

DON'T forget to keep few keywords in your title of the pages and in the text content.

Always look in to your weblogs to see what keywords people are using to reach your site. Add them to your keywords list.


You can use the same above principles in selecting keywords. Always monitor your bidding money and track your results.


Before submitting articles:

1. Select your audience.

2. Try to be brief and clear. DON'T write a topic which you don't know by yourself.

3. DON'T give your article a feel of sales page.

4. DON'T put affiliate links in the body part of your article.

5. DON'T forget to keep Resource box at the end of article.

6. Don't delete the links on your server, if you submitted them in previous ezine articles. If you delete them, people will see ‘page not found’ error. You are losing a potential customer.


Ezine advertising do works if you are careful in selecting the ezine that focused on your website topic.

You can search for the ezines of your interest at- shtml

1. Select the ezine that pertaining to your website or product.
2. See how many subscribers are there for that particular ezine.
3. Take care of the position of the ad like top place, bottom at the end of the ezine etc.
4. Track the results.


You must have your own opt-in list. When people subscribed to your mailing list means, ‘I am interested, send me the information’.

With this type of targeting you will get good results with your advertising campaign. shtml

You can take your visitors email addresses by:

Giving freebies
Publishing ezines
Conducting surveys
Free membership to your private site

ONLY thing you should follow is “DON'T exchange your mailing list with the third parties".

Radhika Venkata (c)

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Add a great advertising tool in your business simply add embroidered workwear
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