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I've been giving a lot of thought lately to what works online and what doesn't.

You must have noticed it, too. Tons and tons of people are willing to jump on the bandwagon with dreams of getting rich - virtually overnight.

And most of us are aware that this is hardly ever the case.

However, if you are into reading the ezines you receive, and looking at the advertisements placed in those ezines, you must have also noticed that there are plenty of true at-home business opportunities available.

Some are health related, some are home products related, the rest run a gamut of products and services.

And, if you've paid particular attention, you'll also see that these same advertisers do not go away!

This has got to mean that these types of “at home" businesses are working for these people because they are working it.

Sure some require a small initial investment, so why do some people bulk at laying out $29 or $129 when they are more than willing to give $5 here, $20 there, $100 or more on that stupid off chance that they just might make it into a decent position in a matrix, “fast cycling" type program?

If you are new to the net, take heed. If you've been around a while and are still fooling with these my question is, “Why?"

How many times and how much money will it take for you (the royal you, of course) to realize that time and effort is required on the internet to make a go of it?

I invite you to drop over to and look around the website. Then read the current and back issues of the Newsletter. These archived copies are filled with good sound advice from people who ARE achieving their dreams online. They don't try to pull the wool over your eyes - they'll tell you right up front WORK is the answer. And they are willing to help you!

If you've got the money to throw away - on that off chance venture - hey no one can stop you. But my experience, and inbox, are proof that “the easy way" is nothing but a sure way to go broke.

Working the right program DOES return rewards. Again, the key is work. If you are afraid of work, I'm thinking the odds are stacked against you and my suggestion would be to put your money into the BANK.

If you aren't afraid to work, RESEARCH first, email those involved in any particular at home business, establish a rapport with your potential upline, sign up, and get to work!

Dreams are for dreamers - hard work is your key to success.

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Building Your Network Marketing Business Building Relationships
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