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While I can safely say that I'm against excessive internet marketing interference, sometimes even the worst change can have a beneficial impact.

There's a lot of information and outright scare tactics floating around the net about FTC rules and regulations. Straight information is a great thing - and my guess is we all can do without the “scare. "

The FTC has been around a long, long time. They monitor media and advertisting affairs in the U. S. This agency does serve a purpose - to protect both the seller and consumer from the scam artists of the world.

Instead of picking on this system, I'd like to concentrate this article on why and how this increased interest in internet marketing will have a good impact for the rest of us.

For years now I've seen, and joined, outright rip off programs on the net. I've had my money stolen right out from under me after performing, in good faith, the services I agreed to perform upon joining.

These programs were set up for no other reason than to scam “innocent" people out of their hard-earned cash and head for the hills.

Yes, I do write “innocent" on purpose.

Frankly, I'm tired of people believing they can make $14,000 by paying some total stranger $5. Get real!

Don't we all watch the news? Aren't these the filler stories networks use - where the “old" and not so old people have been scammed out of their life savings?

Aren't we warned, repeatedly, that if it sounds too good to be true. . . it is?!

And. . . Wouldn't the internet be the next perfect step for these same con artists.

I love marketing and advertising! I truly enjoy helping others promote good, solid, profitable businesses. And, owning two co-ops and publishing my own ezine I've had, over the course of time, the unfortunate “pleasure" of watching people pour good money after bad.

I also am, unfortunately, of a mind that the “school of hard knocks" does teach it's pupils hard lessons.

If you're willing to believe some pie-in-the-sky promise of riches beyond your wildest imagination, especially by having to do NOTHING to make them, don't you deserve to be ripped off?

Sorry, that was harsh :)

But true. . .

The internet provides a wide open territory for those looking to make a good, honest living from their home.

But, you have to be willing to make the effort to build a working model of that business, open it, promote it, and back it up.

To faciliate the demise of these programs, and to conform to FTC rules and regulations, I envision not just U. S.involvement, but world- wide unification to stamp them out.

We will all benefit when the pie-in-the-sky programs disappear. Imagine finally receiving only offers for legitimate ways to create wealth, to whatever degree, online!

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