How to Survive Marketing Quicksand


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Have you had this experience?

You join a program and everything starts out so well.

You're convinced you've found what you've been looking for online. The upline, all the way to the owner, seems to know what's up and what the next step will be.

You're happy.

Then. . . everything changes.

In my five plus years of online marketing, I've seen this happen over and over and over.

From affiliate programs to advertising co-ops, it seems that some individuals lean toward a latent tendency of self-destruction.


You sign up and start putting all of your energy into building your share of any particular program. You are working HARD at it, and the owner of the company is so supportive and encouraging and helpful.

Then, you begin to notice a few odd things. Emails, or maybe even phone calls, where that person just doesn't sound quite right. You can't put your finger on it, but your internal alarm is definitely trying to tell you something.

You move onward. The emails get stranger and stranger. This once reasonable person begins to sound alarmingly like he or she is slipping a gasket. You begin to worry, not just for yourself, but because you may have also convinced your close friends and associates that this was the right program, too.

A bit more time goes by, you've been praying for a miracle, but. . .

Now the alarms are ringing loud enough to wake those in neighboring countries. The emails and postings and/or phone calls definitely sound like this person has jumped off the deep end.

Meglomania has struck and you're being sucked down in the quicksand!

I don't know why this happens. I do know, from various program participation, that it does. The old saying, “Power corrupts" has struck again.

I've witnessed normal people like you and me change virtually overnight. A tiny bit of success with their program and WHAM! They become a “legend in their own mind!"


You know it's not you, but you also know you've been backing the wrong horse.

Now you're in a moral dilemna not of your own making. You need out, and out fast, and you need to inform others of your decision, but how?

My advice? First, don't be embarassed or afraid! It happens. It happens a lot more often then you may be aware of. . .

But, no matter what, never resort to name calling. Never threaten. Never mislead. Never lie!

Just calmly and clearly contact those you must, if you must, and state your decision to leave that program.

This is the best way. Always keep your own personal integrity intact. Remember we all make mistakes. It's much better to ‘fess up and begin damage control than to let others, who may or may not be aware of the situation, continue their own downward spiral.


I believe there is a reason for everything. I also know that that reason is not always clear to us in the moment.

But. . .

The universe watches. How you handle this type of situation now, handled well or handled poorly, will come back to you. . . tenfold :)

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Embarrassingly Simple Secrets To Survive The 'Minefield' Of Affiliate Marketing
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