Secret to Making a Six Figure Residual Income on the INTERNET from Home in Your Spare Time


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There are new opportunities to create huge wealth right NOW in America and around the world. Like the railroad in the 1920’s, that presented the common man with tremendous wealth creation opportunities, the INTERNET is NOW ready and willing to bless you with earning a substantial income every year staying at home. . . and even in your spare time.

If you work at it full time, the sky is the limit. Those who have a little foresight will grasp this opportunity to enjoy the gigantic leaps in its growth and the prosperity it offers before it gets crowded.

For starters, the way shrewd operators are making big money is by selling products and services to others…nationwide and worldwide… on the internet…and it works like gangbusters. They do not have a physical storefront. What they have is a website-A virtual reality.

Well, now that we know this fact, here are the steps in creating a profitable website that can lead to tremendous wealth in the form of big checks you could be receiving week after week in your mailbox at home.

First, select a category of products you want to sell. It is more motivating if you choose something you like to sell, rather than choosing something on a whim or what others told you to sell.

Better still, you can find out what is in demand and go that route. Bear in mind that if a product is in demand, the major companies for that product will have a major share of the market. You, being a little guy should attempt to capture a smaller segment of this market. NOTE: If the big boys are in the market you bet it is a billion dollar industry and they are making money but you can still carve out a lucrative portion without hurting their feelings. There is enough for everybody. So, don’t worry about competition. Let us continue.

Second, go to “Yahoo search marketing” website, formerly Overture—but now they combined forces- and plug in the category word for the product you want to sell. Follow the instructions and enter your keyword. Say it is “flowers, ” plug this in the field and a long list of similar words would come up. Pick the keyword terms that more closely describe your product or service. At the end of this exercise you will determine which keywords are most suitable for your product or services and would use these to create content for your website site.

Third, go to yahoo or Google and enter your product category word and keyword and you’ll see many websites selling similar products. You will also see sponsor ads appearing on the right hand side of the screen. They are the ones who paid to put their ads there. If there are up to eight entries, then your product or service shows great promise for profit. If not, do some more search using yahoo search marketing in the second step above, until you come up with a winner.

Fourth, once you have done this little research, you are ready to develop a domain name and register it. While there are many registry companies offering low cost domain names registration; work from home business domain registration; home business career, best home based businesses or internet based home businesses registration opportunities and other strategic internet marketing strategies, there are only a few of them that offers professional services and exceptional support 24/7 in a timely manner. You don’t want to have your site disabled when there is a problem with a hosting server. You’ll lose sizable revenues. You do not want that to happen to your site. Prevent this at all costs. Find a good registry and hosting company You won’t regret it! And, don’t forget, it is wise to register all possible names that are related to your site and either build web pages around them or park them to keep the competition out. . .

Reason: When your site becomes famous and producing huge incomes, and if you did not register closely related domain names, others would possibly register these names and steal your revenue stream. You do not want to do the research and development only to lose the benefits to a thief.

Fifth, you need to create a website that is crawler friendly. Your business needs a lot of visitors. The more visitors and clicks you have on your site the greater the potential for you to get them to order your product or serves. This means you’ll make more money. You can hire a web design outfit to build your site or build it yourself. It is a very rewarding exercise. When you do it yourself, you’ll understand all the mechanics of what makes it work. When you are making tons of money, you can then hire others to build your other revenue producing websites. But, you’ll be in the driver’s seat, as you will know all the tricks of the trade and they cannot “put the wool over your eyes, ” if however, you are not inclined to build it your self, then you can click the links at the bottom of this article and you’ll be on your way.

Sixth, you’ll need a reputable web hosting company that will be available to you as soon as you have a server problem or want some creative solution for your new ideas and other web site development and managing issues as outlined in the fourth step. They must have the capability to professionally address: website security issues, virus protection, access to their control panels and simplify navigation to and from your site and their server locations, ftp and other important issues.

Seventh, once your site it up and running, you need to get FREE listing in directories like Alta Vista, Yahoo, Google etc. , some of the major ones. Visit their site and proceed with their directions for doing this. Conditions change sometimes so you have to visit their sites to so if they still offer their services. By listing with them you will broaden your internet exposure and boost traffic to your site.

Eight, soon thereafter, or at the same time, get as many reciprocal links as you can. As many as fifty reciprocal links are required to generate good traffic on your site. Traffic means dollars—big dollars. This may take some time to do if you do it manually. You can also do it using special software. Search on the internet and you’ll find some god ones that automate this process.

Within weeks, sometimes more, you will find your site get indexed on the internet. As soon as someone enters your keywords on the internet to do a search for a product they are looking for, a long list of sites come up and your site could be in the top 10% if your site is built correctly. If not, you will have to continually review your site for content, links, keyword placement and other search engine optimization strategies to get a higher rank. And, with a little patience and dedication you’ll get to the top if you do it right. I guarantee it.

Finally, as you tweak your site you’ll see your rank get higher and higher when you go to “Alexa” site and check you site ranking. Another approach is to get ranked quickly is to bid on some keywords you identified, on Overture, and shortly, your chances are that Yahoo/overture will index your site and you are off and running, so to speak-to get your site ranked quickly—and to get huge exposure on the superhighway.

And folks, all of this can be done in your spare time from home. Whether it is cold and snowing, roads are blocked with traffic or you hate your work and boss, you have the potential to make a comfortable living in your pajamas if you care, every day of the year.

This potential of the internet to build an automatic wealth machine is only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

The author has a broad range of expertise in Science, Engineering, and Technology. He is an avid a researcher, copywriter, and online internet marketer and controls several high traffic web-sites. He researches and simplifies complex topics and translates them to layman’s terms for their benefit and to reach broader audiences for products and services.

Meanwhile, you can visit this site: to get on the Fast Track to internet profits, get exceptional hosting services and the essential tools, so you too can multiply your income a thousand fold in the near future.

Also Visit for professional guidance to develop high revenue websites.

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