Hype-Captivating Copy or Crass Content?


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Hype. I hate the word, I hate what it implies and I absolutely cringe when I see it on sales letters or web sites. It’s a cheap form of sensationalism and I refuse to use it.

So you will have to understand my embarrassment and shame when I explain to you why I used it recently running some test ads. Go ahead . . . call me a hypocrite. But let me explain anyway.

I ran some test ads for an affiliate program recently. I tried the common sense approach. Results were dismal and the ad copy was droll. I piped it up a bit by adding a couple of short testimonials in the follow up emails. I got better click through rates but the conversion to sales was not that great.

I read back over the information on the product and put myself in the shoes of the person who used this product, which happened to be an ebook on how to convert site visitors to buyers. I got excited. I thought about the first time I got involved in an affiliate program where I brought in more than 50 affiliates a week. With that frame of mind, I began writing and when I was done constructing my follow up letters, ho-boy! It looked “hype-ish" . . . no . . . it looked . . . . like . . . I . . . just had to . . . click . . . and . . . . find out . . . more!

Writing isn’t just English and grammar and punctuation and spelling. Writing is communication. And if you cannot bring forth the emotions you want your readers to feel, that you felt while writing it . . . then there is no point in writing it.

I let those emails go . . . hype or no hype, and guess what I learned?

Hype, excitement, urgency, need-to-know, motivation-to-have . . . whatever you want to call it, WORKS. I had click-throughs, I had conversion and I made money. So did my customer. As long as you are telling the truth, there is no shame in expressing your excitement. As a matter of fact, be proud of it. Be proud of your product or service and let your customers feel that in your writing.

The whole point of written communication . . . ANY communication, is to move the recipient to action. Make them cry, laugh, think, buy…

Not everyone reading your copy is going to agree with you, relate to the message, or do what you want them to do. The important thing to remember when writing for sales, is to communicate with those you are targeting your message to. Others will probably read it too. They may see it as “hype". Those you are targeting the message to will feel your emotion, excitement and belief in your product or service.

This should make it easier to remember:

Hype is talking AT your readers . . . Communication is talking TO your readers. And it is okay to relay your excitement, motivation, confidence in your product or service to them. As a matter of fact it is essential for connection to your reader.

Bonnie Kotch is 9 year veteran of Affiliate Marketing. She consults on web content, ad copy and marketing and has trained sales teams of dozens of companies across the U. S. Bonnie offers free consulting and business development tips. You may subscribe to her popular newsletter at http://www.trinityonlinemarketingschool.com/newsletter.htm


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