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Soft Sell's Future is Grounded Solidly in the "First Globals"


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I just came across an article about a new book, “The Way We'll Be, " written by conservative pollster, John Zogby. He is a political right of center opinion taker and I point that out not for political reasons but to highlight the fact that what he writes about in his book would not automatically be expected from a man of his political leanings.

But Zogby is a very credible and honest pollster and that's what makes his findings so remarkable-and so relevant to the continued rise of Soft Sell Internet Marketing.

The generation now coming-of-age Zogby calls the “New Globals. " He defines them as that group of Americans, between the ages 18 and 29, who:

** Focus on relationships in thier business and in their lives

** Are the first color-blind Americans

** Possess a global perspective

** Want honesty and fairness throughout their dealings

** Appeal to the best in humanity not the worst

** Consider themselves citizens of the planet


** Demand authenticity and not spin. They yearn for authenticity like no generation before. They've had it up to here with marketing, whether political or commercial, that's all hype and a payoff that falls far short.

Soft Sell Marketing, especially on the Internet, is grounded in authenticity and not manipulation, honesty and not spin. It's heart-centered and emotionally connected so it's all about creating and maintaining relationships as the basis for earning a substantial income. Relationships cannot last unless they are based in honesty and mutual regard.

As we say - Soft Sell is not a revolution. It's an evolution.

And remember, your marketing campaign stands on your Internet platform. You can get solid, proven guidance on how to build your Soft Sell platform by downloading our FREE 60 minute audio - “How to Build Your Soft Sell Platform - at


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