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5 Reasons Why an Internet Business is Rewarding

Lazz Laszlo

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You really should take advantage of your advantages when you develop an Internet website. What I mean by that is;

  • You have the advantage of flexibility when you work as an entrepreneur. You can make a decision on the fly.

    In an organization, rapid change is harmful and here's why;

    1. Making spur of the moment changes in an organization will scare some of the employees and perhaps push them to leave.

    2. It's a slow process and the quick thinkers may leave because they feel that the organization isn't up to speed with the competition and let's face it, no one wants to go down with the ship.

    3. Rapid changes fuel distrust.

  • If you make a decision and it doesn't work out, you can abandon it in a heartbeat.

    1. Organizations move slowly toward change and many stay with a loser; using the mindset that it just takes time.

    2. Waiting for a strategy to take hold can drain a lot of cash and more money will be thrown into trying to fix a problem which may not be fixable.

    3. An organization has a hierarchy and reports, answers, and discussions can eat a lot of time.

  • You have the power of commitment. You'll stay up past midnight working out a problem, developing an idea, or researching a hunch.

    1. Organizations have employees; they watch the clock, even when they say that they don't.

    2. Employees aren't fond of long hours, giving up their weekends, or sacrificing their personal social calendars.

    3. They're employees and most are just with an organization to get experience, get a paycheck, get ahead, or use it as a launching pad for a better position with a bigger company.

  • You don't need to be motivated. Your pure hunger for being the captain of your own ship is motivation enough and provides plenty of energy to keep going.

    1. Organizations hire motivational speakers, psychologists, and consultants to improve productivity, when the real problem is that the employees really don't care, don't want to care, and would rather be doing something else.

    2. It's difficult to be motivated when there's nothing at stake. Employees just put in the hours and if they or the company they work for fails, they'll just move on.

  • You decide who you work with or bring on board to help you, so you know it will be a good fit.

    1. Organizations try to match skills, not personalities. Essentially an employee is assigned to a task, group, or work group and they have no control over what happens next.

    2. Motivation, rivalry, and personal agendas have a way of weakening organizations.

    So, going it alone can have a load of advantages attached to it. You'll be more flexible and not be weighed down by paperwork.

    The decision-making process is totally in your hands and you can turn on a dime if need be. Organizations are turtle-like in response and the bigger the organization, the slower the decision-making process. Everybody has to put their two cents in.

    No one is going to work as hard as you are, because it's your baby. You came up with the idea, developed the strategy, and willing to do what ever it takes to take your idea as far and as big as it can go. Employees just wait for five o'clock to roll around and move at a “get-by’ pace in the meantime.

    Your dream of success and all that comes with it serves as a constant elixir to nurture your energy cells. For organizational employees, the pay raise only gives a temporary boost, and the larger cubicle with the plant and window lose their motivational power quickly. Learn the lesson; you can not motivate someone, it must come from within.

    One of the greatest benefits of working for yourself is being able to select who you work with, deal with, communicate with, eat with, and spend your time with. If you're smart, you'll surround yourself with people that share the vision of what you want to build or simply are just nice people that give you no anxiety about calling, contacting, meeting with, buying from, or selling to.

    Going it alone is sometimes lonely and frustrating, but the feeling you get from calling all the shots is addictive and that feeling is what keeps you from falling into someone else's organization and pushing ahead to build your own.

    Lazz Laszlo is a former Investment Executive and Radio & Television Financial Reporter with many entrepreneurial endeavors to his credit. He spends his time, energy, and money on business development. He's an experienced manufacturer and website creator. Please, visit Lazz's website;

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