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Nice Guys Finish First in the Internet Marketing Business - How to Make Success With Honesty

Jeffrey M Louis

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As many people know, many internet marketers say gibberish and less then insightful answers to their customers. These marketers will speak so highly of their products that you would never know that they do not have the slightest idea about what they are selling.

These marketers could have copied and pasted a review on a product just to make them look good. The internet has a hard time tracking all the people copying peoples work.

The problem is that a normal human being with a brain has no problem picking out the true people and the fake people.

Many marketers that cheat will claim that if their product sells then that is all that matters. It is fantastic to get a sale no matter how you get it, but imagine if that marketer were able to answer peoples questions. The questions that the general person would not know about. Then be able to elaborate on it with ease as if they were expecting that question to be asked.

If a customer was looking to buy a product from the nice guy with the informative response, nine times out of ten they will look more into buying their product. There is no reason someone is asking you a question about something that you are selling other then that they are interested in what you are selling.

This means they are more likely to purchase from you. Which in the end that is what you want. If you answer peoples questions with honesty you will get more sales so why not do it?

Well in most cases people get responses to their questions by this answer: “I am not sure you can return it if you are not impressed. "

If you are the one company that does not give a response like that, and actually seems interested in having their business, then you will get the sale. Not your competitor. This means it is worth every marketers time to be honest and to answer questions thoroughly.

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Why Lazy Internet Marketers Make Millions and Nice Guys Fail?
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