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Internet Business Scams - 3 Tips on How to Smell a Scam From a Real Deal

Vern How Chan

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Oh No, Not Another One Of Those Internet Business Scams!

I don't want to go into the details of the boy who cried wolf and how many Internet business scams there are out there. Though you should know by now that they are all just in it for the money.

Except that when you give you money, it rarely has anything to show to you or anything to give to you in particular. A kind of donation that you unwillingly made if you might want to classify it. Here is how to can smell a scam from afar.

Tip 1: A “Scam" Comes In The Form Of A Fantasy

You've seen it and I don't need to even mention that if you look through all those outrageous claims. They promise you the world and how you can get that million or billion dollars in your Swiss bank account by next Tuesday.

This is totally horse crap and make sure you filter these out. No one in their right mind would grant you free money just for doing nothing. You have to accept the fact that you need to work to earn your income.

Tip 2: Not Really A Joint Venture Sometimes

Let's just say you are already running a pretty well managed Internet business or profiting online and you receive an email. This is usually not a scam but I would classify it as a kind of deception.

You see an email promising you a kind of joint venture and asking you that if you promote that product you get a cut out of it. Well, normally joint ventures should benefit both parties and more than just a portion of the commission. Just take note on this.

Tip 3: Desperate Prices Will Cost You

Often times, there are posting on a certain advertisement and classified site saying that a certain Internet business for sale at a ridiculous price. Well, it will turn out to be a good deal if you look at the numbers.

But I would think that it would be good to be cautious at times, unless you know the owner personally for selling such a good business at a really low price, then go for it. Even in the online community there is very little cyber police to go around.

Wisdom Comes By Making Mistakes

If you have found out that certain Internet business scams have gotten the best of you don't worry. Everyone makes a mistake and mistakes at some point in their life. You learn from it and become a better business person in the long run.

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Vern How is a webmaster, author and web traffic generation expert. His website currently serves over 4,500 unique visitors per month.


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