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Voice Broadcasting - The New Web 2.1


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Ok, let's take a look at your marketing arsenal:

Website - Check
Banner ad - Check
Classified ads - Check
MySpace - Check
Ezine articles - Check
Pay per click campaign - Check
Squidoo lens - Check
Hub Page - Check
Voice blast - WHOOPS!!!

The above listed tools are pretty standard in any Internet marketer's little black bag of tricks. However, if you haven't checked into voice broadcasting, you're missing out on one of the most valuable, beneficial tools of direct marketing. Voice broadcasting has the power to enhance and augment any marketing program.

Web 2.0 technologies are all the rage right now. Blogging, video marketing, viral advertisements and pay-per-click campaigns are much hyped all over the Net and in the physical world. However, the telephone still constitutes an amazing tool that is all too often overlooked by the up-and-coming Gen X and Y. Perhaps I'm a little old school, but, to me, the phone is an incredibly powerful tool; a lethal weapon if you will. Additionally, thanks to the introduction of web -based dialing systems ideal for small business and entrepreneurs, voice broadcasting is the “must have" technology of the new century.

However, let's face reality; no one wants to make cold calls. The process is frustrating, the lack of knowledge about the contact's wants, needs and preferences can be stymieing and it's just not any fun (for some of you). In addition, if you are attempting to train your down-line to perform the same duties, you'll find that the last thing in the world they want to do is pick up a telephone and place 100 cold calls each day.

However, what if there was someone else making the cold calls for you? What if all you had to do was call back interested contacts, inviting them to conferences or giving them website information? In addition, what if you could generate a guaranteed 20 or more leads each day and only spend a measly hour returning these calls? Voice broadcasting can do exactly that and more.

Voice broadcasting allows you to automate the process, scheduling the system to take care of those hideous cold calls on your behalf. You simply set aside a set amount of time to connect with interested contacts and kick back. Remember, work smart, not hard. Leave the grunt work for those lagging behind the technological curve and find out what success is truly about.

Does that mean that you need to toss out your Web 2.0 technologies? Will voice broadcasting topple the giant of Google Ads and pay-per-click campaigns? Far from it; rather, voice broadcasting is a means of enhancing your efforts, an augmentation of already successful technologies. It is a way to ramp up your success to new heights by using the proven method of phone calling in conjunction with new Web-based technologies.

Tony Redd is a professional internet marketing coach who helps families build full time cash flow on the internet quickly and affordably. Visit for more information.


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The Voice of the Flesh, the Voice of Demons, the Voice of God, and the Bible
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