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The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing is Helping Struggling MLMers Have Success

Scott C. Hubbard

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Ann Sieg's book, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing, has already made a powerful impact on the industry. She has obviously stepped on some toes - especially for those people who are having success in their businesses using the traditional MLM marketing methods.

What's this book all about? Is it a true reflection of what's going on in the network marketing industry? Sieg has been in the industry for several years. At first, she had virtually no success. No success despite the fact that she was doing everything her sponsors told her to do.

She says in her book, “For all my hard work, I had nothing to show for it but debt, an abundance of products, and a dwindling list of friends who actually still talk with me. " Maybe you can relate to that statement. I know I sure can.

Then, by changing the way she marketed her business, Sieg went from a struggling MLMer to one of the top earners in the industry.

She addresses such areas as:

" Everyone is your prospect
" Anyone can do this
" This really isn't sales

I was told every one of these things when I started my internet marketing opportunity. I can attest to the fact that these statements were not true. At least, they were not true for me.

What Sieg is saying makes total sense to me. For the last 25 years, I have been the Chief Financial Officer for two companies. When I started my finance/accounting education and career, no one ever told me “Anyone can do this. " In fact, it took several years of going to school, extra studying to pass the CPA exam, and a few years of work experience before I felt fairly competent in what I was doing.

You might say that being a CFO is a completely different situation from being an internet marketer. Maybe. But I don't think so.

How can we tell a prospect that our internet business opportunity can change their life - that they can accumulate true wealth. And then we turn around and tell the person that anyone can be successful in this business. That makes no sense. Of course, not everyone can be successful.

The MLMer needs proper training for them to be successful. They do not get that training, for the most part, from the MLM industry. I feel that the"7 Lies" eBook hits the nail right on the head.

When I got into my first MLM company, I was told every one of the “lies" that Sieg criticizes in her book. Despite working my tail off and doing everything my sponsor told me to do, I struggled in a mighty way. Even though I had success in my business career, I did not have a true sales and marketing background.

Network marketing is sales despite what they may tell you - whether you are selling your product, your service, your opportunity, or yourself. I wasn't very good at that part of it. In fact, the training I received from my sponsors was completely off the mark.

Sieg criticizes the traditional MLM marketing methods and training. But then she doesn't leave you hanging. In “Sieg's 7 Lies" and in her next book, The Renegade Network Marketer, she tells you what to do about it. She recommends that you not sell in the old traditional MLM way.

Sales and marketing do not have to be something you hate or dread. I certainly didn't like it in the early stages of my network marketing career. Today, sales and marketing are what I enjoy the most in my business. It can be that way for you.

She acknowledges that the traditional MLM marketing methods still work for some, but not for most people. It's said that up to 95% of people joining a MLM business don't last more than one year. What's being taught by MLM companies just doesn't work for most people.

That's really a shame. The Network Marketing Model provides such a wonderful opportunity to get people out of their present situation that is not working. Only by paying close attention to what Sieg is saying and applying the Renegade system, which she recommends, will people start achieving the success they desperately desire.

Ann Sieg is right on target in The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing. She has every right to express her opinion. Even more important, by following the marketing methods she recommends in her two books and the Renegade system, she became a multi-six-figure income earner. I am very happy I found her material. My business has completely taken off after applying her system.

Scott Hubbard spent 25 years as a Chief Financial Officer for small to medium sized companies. His success in internet marketing has allowed him to leave Corporate America. He is now a full time entrepreneur and coach.

Scott enjoys teaching corporate executives and network marketers how to apply attraction marketing online and how to attract free qualified leads on the internet. Click to enroll at Renegade University to get more training from Scott.

Scott is happy to give a free consultation for serious entrepreneurs. You can reach him toll-free at 877-878-4036 or by email at Scott.


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