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What is Attraction Marketing?

Randal Williams

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The more something looks like a value, the more valuable it becomes in the eyes of others. Attraction Marketing is when you actually charge someone for information so that they can get more information about your product. This is all about being enticing and giving your product value.

For example, Joe has a business where he is an affiliate for several different companies. He decides to put together a book about how he made it to where he is today and also, in his book, interviews other people who also got rich on the internet. Joe then sells the book to people who are interested in his product.

Another example of attraction marketing is if you are selling real estate investment packages such as a seminar or a class on a CD and on paper. You may sell this for anywhere up to $1,000. But most people will not put out that kind of money on something that they know nothing about. So you sell them something small at first, such as a report or information packet for less money. These are both designed to get the person to buy the larger package but they are not free.

Real estate investment packages usually come with many different attraction market products. These include lists, reports and even motivational tapes - all at a price.

The purpose of attraction marketing is to generate an interest in the entire product that usually costs quite a bit of money. While it may be easy to sell a $17 e-book online, it is a lot harder to sell a $1,000 e-class. In order to build up your credibility in the eyes of the customer, you should use attraction marketing.

Why use attraction marketing and not just give the stuff away for free? Because then it has no value. A customer will not value something that he or she gets for free as much a something that they have to pay for. While you can give away some free bits of advice here and there to lead to attraction marketing, the goal should always be to make money.

If you have an affiliate program or an internet marketing program where you are selling big ticket items like cruises or other products that cost quite a bit of money, you should start out by selling your customers smaller products using attraction marketing techniques. Remember that the more value you put on your product or service, the more your customer will value it as well.

Learn more about Attraction and Internet Marketing Randal Williams aka 500KMentor is a Expert Internet Marketer and Direct Sales industry leader with business that spans 13 countries who has been marketing online successfully for over 7 years now. Specializing in Lead Generation, Advanced Internet Marketing, No Cost Prospecting, SEO, Web2.0 and more. Learn how to Get Paid to Advertise


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