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How to Create a Money Making Blog Or Mini Site Part 1

Graham Burt

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This is going to be the primary article of a 3 part course on the big problem what makes a prosperous (as defined by how much money it makes) blog or mini website. I maintain there are 3 main ingredients and the course is going to have in it 1 article on each of them.

Let's get started.

The prime key to the level of success of a blog or mini site is that it has to target a body of prospects (a niche) that are searching for information of a particular nature. In other words, I'm talking about the selection of your niche.

The body of prospects that your blog or mini site targets has to be a body of prospects that all have problems. Problems that in the sense that they are looking for an answer to a specific problem. Additionally, in a gargantuan subject, that SOMETHING is something that causes suffering. Monetary suffering, bodily discomfort, emotional hurt, some manner of discomfort, for the basic reason that people who are suffering are the very same who are more than likely to want to buy solutions to that suffering, and it is hoped from your website.

If that sounds a bit immoral, taking advantage of people with suffering, it's not. It's just business. You've had business people doing it to you all your life via the media and you never even realised it, so what s wrong with you doing it too? And what's more, you're in fact about to give these prospects a real solution, so you're actually being considerate!

So you're looking for a group of people with a problem, but that's not all.

Your next concern has to be whether there are enough of these people searching for solutions to their problems on the internet. How many is enough you ask? It's a good question. With certain kinds of sites, all you need is 10 visitors to your site a day and you can make good healthy revenue. Different niches and goods that you sell to your prospects you may require thousands per day. It all depends on what you promote, and who to, AND what level of commission you get when you market to them.

There are lists of things you can do; one of which is study at the number of people looking for your product, using software such as Wordtracker. Here you're merely seeing at how a number of searches per day a specific key phrase achieve in the search engines. Once you have that information that, you need to pay attention at whether there are competitors websites or blogs that are competing for the same dollar.

Contradictory to what a lot of people believe, having NO competing websites is not a good thing. Indeed having NO competing websites could and regularly does imply that it's not a money-making market. What you in fact need is a bit of rivalry, but low quality rivalry that you can crush by building a superior website, supplying much better information and in a much better way.

The last ingredient in the recipe of discovering a profitable market; is whether the market has a suitable product for you to sell to your prospects. You want something to promote to these hungry prospects, that is reasonably good standard, has good traffic pulling material (sales page or brochure etc, so it is going to transform your visitors to customers) and pays a healthy amount of commission.

This is assuming you're choice of business model of making money with your blog is affiliate marketing - which I proffer if you're anticipating to retire from your job and make a full time passive income.

There are additional ways to make lots of cash where you could stop to think about various easy to apply methods in your market choice.

So if you can integrate all of the above factors when selecting your market, you'll be giving yourself and your new blog the first-rate tenable likelihood of a profitable venture.

Firepow when it becomes available looks like it may go a long way to making life easier if using blogging to make money on the Internet

I do hope you've found this article beneficial.

Graham Burt runs a successful internet marketing business for some secret affiliate tips and tricks about Firepow Visit his Firepow blog to find out the real secrets you need to know to succeed.


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