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Become the Elvis of Internet Marketing in 3 Easy Steps!

Martin Thomas

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"If I can Dream" is an amazingly emotional song by the recording artist Elvis Presley. Even the non Elvis fan gets a run of goose bumps listening to that song because it reaches into your heart and drags out the deepest wishes of your soul. But Elvis made being cool. . . . well, cool. He was known as the king. I am admittedly not an Elvis fan but there is something to be said about being so successful.

To become the Elvis of internet marketing. . . (or the king) you need a few simple tools and some realistic insights that can put you there. Elvis was just a kid, but his incredible insights and gut instincts made his star shine brightly and you can do the same.

Step 1) Seeing the available market and doing a cocky Elvis sneer/smile

Confidence comes from a rebellious streak. By becoming anti-conventional and not following the “herd" one can establish a presence online that is not at all a “me too" kind of contribution. Being original is nothing new. But with a twist, being original can make you a squillionaire. The twist is being original but relevant.

Step 2) Developing your own Elvis the Pelvis moves. . .

Teenagers were hypnotized by the kings audacity when he gyrated his hips. They were seeing the truth in his gyrations that the “establishment" failed to appreciate. Being original as outlined in step one cannot succeed without your message being authentic. There is a lot to be said about resonating with your audience. Even google measure your works resonance in their algorithm. They keep track of how long an average visitor “sticks" around by measuring the time they spend and the amount of your pages that are clicked. This gives a lot of information to their search engine and dictates to a large extent, your sites authority.

Step 3) Hard work

The thing about Elvis is that he loved what he did. He loved his audience and never short changed them, he gave them more and more of what they want until they were hysterical about him. In a lot of ways, having a presence online is like being a little Elvis. You're there to inform, entertain and inspire, but hell, you already knew all that man.

Thenk U verry muhhch. . . "Ladies and Gentlemen. . . Elvis has left the building"

Remember this. Your motives may be purely fiscal and selfish, never feel bad about that. A person needs to feed their family. But deliver the powerful ideas you have inside you. The saying, “Give and you shall receive" may sound like an ordinary cliche however if you reflect upon how this principle works, it makes sense. By giving, you open a channel of dialogue that makes you the king (or queen) If you give of yourself in a heartfelt and authentic way, you cannot help but get financial compensation for such an act. Find your vibe, your rhythm, your honesty and share it for what it is worth, believe me, according to my experience, they are worth PLENTY!

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