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Four Tier Annihilation Method Review


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I'm just surfin’ online looking for information about this product and all I see are reviews that don't actually provide you with information on WHAT the product is. It's all just marketers making assumptions about the product without actually owning/testing it. So here's the deal; I purchased it and in this article I'll tell you EXACTLY what it is.

First things first, let me prove I purchased it by telling you everything you'll receive; 22 videos which consist of 4 core modules and 12 advanced training videos and an e-book with detailed instructions.

Core module 1 has 3 videos, core module 2 has 3 videos as well, core module 3 has 1 video and core module 4 has 3 videos.

The advanced training videos are titled as follows; video 1 - “Advanced Traffic Strategies", video 2 - “E-Commerce Millionaire", video 3 - “Digital Gorilla", video 4 - “Tier X Secrets", video 5 - “Franchise King", video 6 - “Big Shot Branding Strategy", video 7 - “Custom Made Money", video 8 - “Advanced Affiliate Tactics", video 9 - “Cash in Bulk", video 10 - “Commission Overload", video 11 - “Upsell Profits" and finally, video 12 - “Your Future".

With that you get a 145 page e-book with detailed instructions that you use in conjunction with the videos. So yeah man, you're getting lots of content.

Let's kick off this review with the e-book itself. It's written in a way that you can clearly understand it but they really should have proof read it first. It's not a big deal but the capitalization/grammar/spelling is a bit off on more than one occasion; all throughout the book, in fact. The very first sentence on the introduction says “Congratulations on purchasing the 4 tier annihilation method. . . ’ - exactly like that; no capitals. Like I said it's not a big deal but it's a pet peeve of mine.

This method is primarily based on selling with eBay but without actually doing any of the REAL work yourself. It's based on RSI EAM; Research, Sourcing, Infiltrate, Establish, Automate, Move On. How they break it down is pretty simple.

Research; there are 4 tiers which give you types-of-products to choose from (within a price range, etc). . . you start by finding a product selling well within the ‘Tier 1’ range and gradually move up to ‘Tier X’.

Sourcing; find out where you can buy the product for a low price and sell for a decent profit (they tell you where to look).

Infiltrate; start listing on eBay and start selling.

Establish; make your mark on eBay.

Automate; shows you how to put your business on autopilot so you literally don't have to do anything.

Move on; move onto another product or market and repeat the steps provided.

I'm trying not to give away too much information because I don't want the creator (Alex Goad) to get angry; he deserves his money. The videos/e-book show you how to do everything; research with free tools (a lot of which are on eBay itself), where you can get products cheap (they actually GIVE you address of websites) to sell for profit, how to list and start selling (including strategies), etc. The videos are a nice addition and compliment the book very well.

So does this method work? Of course it does; unlike a lot of “make money online" guides, etc. this isn't based on chance or luck, it's purely statistics in my opinion. Think about it if you do your research and you see a product is selling well within ‘Tier 1', you get the product for a lower price than its average-selling price (you don't actually receive the product, that's part of the automation), list it and sell it for 5 dollars more than you purchased it for.

Say it sells an average of 10 a week (you can find products that sell much better than that); 5 x 10= $50 profit a week, $50 a week x 4 weeks in month = $200 profit per month from 1 product. Repeat that step with 5 products (making at least $5 profit per product) within ‘Tier 1’ and you're making a clean $1000 a month on autopilot. Then you go up to ‘Tier 2’ where the profit is much higher and you just climb up the ladder ‘til you hit the mad money, aka ‘Tier X'; its genius.

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