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The Achilles Heel of Internet Marketing

Lakshay Behl

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I was taking a stroll down the roadside wondering why do newbies have to struggle so much when they enter the arena of Internet Marketing, when it dawned upon me that Achilles’ Heel Metaphor completely describes the scenario in a way so perfect that even I, the inevitable learner, the impossible discoverer could figure this out.

There is just one secret about Internet Marketing World in general: There is nothing in the secret. How many times do we hear- “Discover this one simple secret which Blah blah Blah". I guess at least ten times every millisecond, we are bombarded with another “Mother Of All" Programs which promises the heaven and the earth and then moves on to delivering nothing. And then there are those much promoted over coveted (which by the way, is thanks to the top internet marketers who have the authority to be able to contact a list of bazillion biscuillion people on their list in a fraction of a second) Product Launch Tuesdays which are anxiously awaited and they make totally bizarre numbers of dollars within a day or two of the launch.

Okay, those guys are top guys. I have nothing against them. They are here to make money and are (seemingly) making that money. But what about the end user? The Newbie Internet Marketer who is left alone in this rapidly changing race for the traffic, just looking at the faces of other guys who are also pretty much like him or those who they are all looking at. But confusingly, it was this buyer of the “Exclusive 50 Seats" product who was expecting to make it to that stage where all the other (presently) colleagues are looking at, but he still where he was.

Something is moving in his head. . . Doesn't matter. Something is biting him, he is feeling burnt. . . who cares? And his dreams of those 5 million dollar home and 2 million dollar private jets are almost ready to roll in the dust. . . but again, who has the time to stop and take notice of this "Newbie".

You see, it was not really long ago when I was there too. Standing amidst the crowd, wondering why I didn't make 20 Grand in 30 days of hard work of 8 hour days where I was promised the same amount of money with just 4 hours put in everyday for a fortnight. I invested my time, money and energy into it. And even though I could get my money back, what about the time and the effort that had been wasted? Strange me, I never thought about this when I was investing that sum just because I saw the 56 days money back guarantee. I guess everyone makes the same mistake.

You see I never consider myself to be a superstar at figuring things out myself, and I find myself in all certainty hoping and begging others to guide me with my problems. And the only reason I could figure this Achilles’ Heel thing is because now I have broken the vicious circle of not making any money online. In short, I am no longer a newbie. And I can clearly see why newbies are newbies, and why I continued to be a newbie even though there was a vast amount of marketing knowledge in my tiny little head (OK, mine is not so tiny, but hey! Still its not extraordinarily large). And guess what! I have not discovered any secret apart from this Achilles’ Heel.

OK, enough story. I will now quickly move on to summarize the meat of the secrets that I possess and that separate me from the newbies who are not yet making any news with their success stories.

  1. I didn't really realize that I AM THE ACHILLES HERE: You see most of the marketing information is just a plain repetition of what we already probably know and there is little more that we need to know in order to be successful. I never realized this until I made my first sale. Strangely, maybe even you don't realize the amount of knowledge that you already possess is much more than just sufficient to start seeing the results. So I guess, we all keep running trying to discover some sort of crazy little secret which can help make millions overnight. Which truly is non existent.
  2. I didn't know WHERE MY SWORD WAS. And I wasn't actually trying to find it: You see, most people do not really know where their strength lies and keep themselves from doing the stuff they enjoy the most. And the biggest mistake you can ever make is to "feel" its going to be difficult and boring to work your way to success. I am yet to see a person who is successful and doesn't really focus exclusively on their strengths, which more often than not coincide with their passions. >
  3. I was just too excited and busy day-dreaming that I forgot to RAISE MY SWORD AND FIGHT: Inaction. Lack of Action. Not taking action. Everything that you might call it. You get the idea. Its hard to succeed if you do not implement the strategies that you learn even if you know the best strategies. Probably its impossible. I guess I was waiting for (and so are you) the best product to be created so that I could promote it, the website to be developed so that the entire world would love it, the best article to be created so that I could submit it for the world to see, the perfect video to be created for me to put out there on youtube. And I was not really focusing on submitting content that I was creating. One thing here: “Perfection is the killer of excellence". Got to know this. Anything worth doing is worth doing bad unless you become good at doing it.
  4. I wanted to MAKE MY OWN ROUTE:- Achilles didn't get the idea of creating the Trojan Horse (I guess you know what it really is. . . Its not the computer virus I am talking about), neither did he figure out how to get into the Trojan Castle. All he did was what he was great at doing. . . He fought. And he just followed the footsteps of all the great warriors. He did not choose to be a sole soul in the Trojan war. But unfortunately, new internet marketers seem to be trying to figure out a way of making a million in dollars with an entirely new approach which of course they fail at. You need to look at what the top guys are doing. Why they are doing what they are doing and how are they doing what they are doing. Then, just do that yourself, of course with your style imbibed.

I guess there are the main reasons why some people's business never sees the daylight of the day that is profitable in the end. All boils down to this:

If you want to be successful, then leave no stone unturned. If you do not receive the success your heart desires even then, then keep on turning the stones and sooner or later you will be able to find the stone that turns you around.

If you really want to be successful, then start following other successful marketers ad give up all the ego. There's none which can win you money. Or success for that matter.

Remember, success doesn't end with money. It starts with money.

I am Lakshay Behl. The single most frustrating experience I had with my websites was that I did not see any traffic when I started my internet business. And the day I learned these little known strategies about traffic, I saw the profits coming in. It has been snowballing since then. If you share this same problem, then I know what you are going through. So I have created this free video just for you to learn the best traffic strategies that any internet marketer can know. So that you can get tons of free targeted traffic fast .


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