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Twenty Steps to Internet Marketing Steps 13 -20 Scams, Giving, Promotion, Scheduling, Patience, Etc

John T Jones, Ph.D.

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Twenty Steps to Internet Marketing 13: Thou Shalt Not Buy Traffic from Scam Artist

Don't pay for traffic in any form other than PPC. You will get a zillion hits but no buyers. This is one of the best ways to throw away the money you need for your business. Learn how to drive traffic to your site.

When you buy emails and banners and surfing hits, etc. , you are going to get zilch. Surfers will bring up your site but they will pay little or no attention to it for the few seconds it is up.

Having said that, there are some honest to goodness business men who will help you focus on a selected group and contact them effectively. They may use email.


I know a couple of good sources. Why don't I list them here? Because you can lose money even with some of the best. I don't want to lead you to some guy I trust only to have you lose money.

Some years back, I bought into a “hit" program on a limited basis that had a good result. At least I thought it did. I thought that if I went all the way and spent $1000.00 I would get traffic of equal quality.

No, I got scammed.

You can buy ads in ezines. You should choose ezines that focus on your market. You can join opt-in list too and send emails to that list. There are many of these on the Internet. The disadvantage of opt-in list is that they generate a ton of email you may not be interested in. Your mailbox will be cluttered with junk.

If you know that you are going to receive a lot of email, have it sent to your junk email address. You can look at it once in a blue moon to see if you missed anything of value.

Surfing is a pain and will probably bring you nothing. There are some nice surfing programs that will show your web pages if you pay them extra or surf a lot yourself. I have never received any value from such programs.

Be careful. There are many scams on the Internet.

Twenty Steps to Internet Marketing 14: Thou Shalt Join Thine Niche Communities

Join forums in your markets and build relationships, pass out good information, and be helpful to others. Most forums will allow you to have a link to your site.

You can join groups and make comments on bulletin boards to increase traffic.

Yahoo and the other big boys feature many groups. Search for groups on the net for your market. Join some of these groups. You can send emails to these focused groups at no cost to you at all. That can be very profitable to you.

Wealthy Affiliate University lists many forums available but I like the forums at WA because I get information from members who are successful Internet marketers who I trust. I'm talking about the owners.

Twenty Steps to Internet Marketing 15. Thou Shall Share Free Information and Services

Giving something away is a good way to build a community. That is why these article are written for you and come to you gratis.

You can share information with a blog or by email too. You can share information on forums that help others.

Write an ebooks and give it away. Tell every one that receives it to share it with their friends and associates but NOT to change anything in the ebook. You will probably have affiliate links in your ebook and you don't want them to change them.

When a reader comes to your site, you might give them a free gift. All they have to do is give you their name and email address. That way they will be on that precious money-making list you hide from the world.

You will be sending them offers.

I give a free flag with every flagpole I sell on the Internet. It sounds special but it isn't. Everybody gets a free flag who orders a pole. It is only special if you are the only one getting it.

It is better to give than receive. Where did I hear that before?

Twenty Steps to Internet Marketing 16: Thou Shalt Be Patient in Internet Business

It takes time and money to build an Internet business.

Many quit just when they are about to succeed.

Once you learn a single money-making technique, practice it, and exhaust it at maximum profits; you need to continue that process and move onto the next process.

If you write articles to get traffic, then write a lot of articles. When that is going well, then learn to use Google and Yahoo keyword PPC programs.

Master these techniques and don't be afraid to ask Google and Yahoo for help. You will be amazed how helpful they can be. They do not leave you hanging just because they are big. I got an email from Google today that responded to a question that I had on positioning. I got a very definitive answer.

If you think that you are going to get rich quick on the Internet, you are probably wrong.

If you think you can make a good living by treating your Internet business as a business, you are right.

Your probability of getting wealthy increases with your hard work and continual education.

Yes, you need to keep learning.

An Internet business is a business. I it may take you a year or more to drive sufficient traffic to your site to make a profit without buying keywords or writing articles. Those two processes bring traffic very rapidly. To get started, you should use them.

Many of the best Internet businesses are an extension of an operating storefront business. Regular businesses increase sales above what they get from street traffic by selling on the Internet. How about Target® and Wal-mart®, etc. ?

Twenty Steps to Internet Marketing 17: Thou Shalt Promote Thine Business Every Day

Work everyday on promoting your Internet Business.

You can do that by writing articles, sending blogs, participating in forums, sending email, improving your PPC systems, finding sites to link to who will place a link on their site and by searching for new methods of promoting your business.

Remember that even a small amount of time each day can add up to a significant contribution over a one year period.

If you study a subject for less than an hour a day you can become an expert. So make study part of your daily activity. It will help you increase your business.

Here is something that works.

Read some of those free or inexpensive ebooks that didn't really give you much to go on. Glean the little tidbits that may be valuable. Type them into a Notepad® file called “hints" or “tidbits, " or such, for future reference. Such a collection could be valuable to you later when you are writing articles and ebooks and sales letters, etc.

You can find thousands of free ebooks on the Internet. I say read some of them, glean them, chuck them.

Do you know what a gleaner is? Read the Book of Ruth. In those days, farmers did not harvest the corners of their fields. The poor folks, or gleaners, were allowed to harvest at the corners.

Try to write an article everyday to generate sales.

You might read the many tutorials on this subject free on the Internet.

Put keywords in the title, perhaps a keyword string, and put keywords in the article. There are free programs on the Internet that will give you the keyword density in your web pages. Five (5) is nice.

Twenty Steps to Internet Marketing 18: Thou Shalt Plan Thy Day

We need to accomplish goals to promote and improve our Internet business.

You need to plan to accomplish these goals in two ways, that is long-term goals and short-term goals. Accomplishing your short term goals will accomplish your long-term goals.

If you will take the time to plan your daily activities ahead of time, you will be more efficient and much more likely to complete your goals.

Do one thing at a time.

Don't give your self a huge list of things to accomplish in one week or one day. An item or two per day is adequate. You will have more time to do things right, right?

If you have a dream-not a daydream-if you can visualize your status in the future- you can plan to achieve that status. If you see yourself riding in a red convertible, you can work to attain that convertible because it is a workable goal.

I'm working on mine.

So write down your major goals and then break them down into doable tasks. Then schedule the task.

This article is really broken down in to 20 task, isn't it?

Each of those 20 main task need you to break them down in to the steps that it will take for you to accomplish your goals.

Cory Rudl said that the thing you must do is do one thing at a time. Learn how to do one thing correctly before you go on. Don't say, “That doesn't work!" and move on to another method that will not work for you either.

What Cory meant is that if you are learning to use a system like PPC to draw traffic, do it, seeing if you can get that one process working that will bring you traffic and enough sales to make money. Then extend that process until you are able to make significant money. When you can no longer increase your sales by that one process, then go on to another process that you can debug and make function to your favor.

I once told a Corporate President three things that I could do to help him sell off a number of divisions. He took the list and pointed to the first one and said, “I never got into trouble doing one thing at a time. "

So, that is what I did. I traveled helter-skelter from hither to hence collecting engineering and financial information from factories.

He was right. I didn't have time to do anything else.

Doing that one thing was enough.

I also put myself out of a job because we sold the divisions and closed down the corporate research center-where I worked!

Twenty Steps to Internet Marketing 19. Thou Shalt Improve Thine Technical Skills

You need to stay abreast of your Internet businesses. That includes technology.

Yes, there are technicalities in this business.

You can pay to have them done but you will probably go broke doing it.

You need to be savvy in some technical issues. You can find the information you need in books and free on the Internet. You can simply ask someone on the Internet to help you-but learn your stuff.

Take scripts or forms. They are useful things. When you put a Google AdSense® ad box on your site to collect primary or secondary income, you use their script.

You may need a script or form to collect email addresses or to stop searchers from lifting your proprietary pics. You will find them on the net for no cost. (Some scripts don't work unless you place them according to instructions on your web page-so read the fine print. )

Have you noticed how many folks are using sound bites and video on their web sites. Do you know how to make a video, perhaps grabbing page views, to teach a reader how your marvelous program works?

Well, you need that technology. I happen to be working on that technology right now.

Twenty Steps to Internet Marketing 20: Thou Shalt Define a Code for Self Conduct

Your code of conduct should not allow you to scam, deceive, mislead, steal, defraud, condemn competition, or be a nuisance to others.

You need to have a code of conduct for this business. You may even state items from that code in your site content.

Stand by your guarantees and remember that the customer is right even when he is wrong.

The thing is-reputation.

If you have a good reputation, you will get many fine testimonials from your clients. With there permission, you can use these testimonials in the course of your business. I have had some say that I am “sweet. " I probably won't use those testimonials.

As for reputation, I suggest that you a have a good one.


This set of articles is concluded, but it is just the beginning for most of us. Any business begins with a learning process. While you are operating your business, that process never goes away. I hope these articles have been useful to you. Perhaps you will go to my website and join me at Wealthy Affiliate University. There, we can build together.

To the editors of I say, “Thank you for putting up with me and for your help. "

The End

P. S. Sure you can email me at:

John T. Jones, Ph. D. ( - a retired college professor and business executive, is author of detective & western novels, nonfiction (business, scientific, engineering, humor), poetry, etc. Former editor of an international engineering magazine. Jones writes on many subjects including articles for teenagers. When he writes science fiction or humor articles he calls himself “Taylor Jones, the Hack Writer. " He will sell you a TopFlight telescoping flagpole with flag at his business site. I invite all my readers to join me at My Info site where you can learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate University. Let's grow together!

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