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The Internet Will Die in 2010 - Seriously - Internet Marketing Strategies


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This is it folks! The web is about to die, at least this is what AT&T is saying in regards to the huge bandwidth consumption after high-speed connections were marketed and the capacity of their equipment or Internet backbone. According to the company's statements without a drastic hardware upgrade the Internet we know and love would run out of bandwidth by the year 2010, while this may sound a bit far ahead of the go-ahead to remind you that 2010 is just around the corner!

It is human nature to point fingers or blame someone else when there is a big problem which is hard to solve, this is exactly what AT&T is now doing, they blame broadband for the entire problem, according to the company everyone was basically used to access the Internet through the narrow passage of a dial-up line, later on the high-speed communications revolution began (which by the way, was highly marketed by themselves) - with sites like Youtube and others which are constantly stream of their content in high definition are putting a lot of strain into servers and company routers.

According to AT&T, if everything remains constant AT&T's Internet will crash by the year 2010, this is a very bold statement released by a company who heavily markets their high-speed products to consumers who now have to pay for all of the hardware upgrades which will need to be done. The estimated cost of the necessary upgrade comes close to $19 billion, why such a high amount of cash you may ask? - according to the company there was a monstrous increase in data transfers when broadband hit the market and taking in consideration growth projections the amount of data which will be exchanged by the year 2015 will grow to nearly 50 times as much as we experience today.

The Marketing Angle (correlation to Internet marketing):

AT&T knows what they're doing, by the time they market it their broadband products they knew there was going to be a dramatic increase in the demand for such services, and they are now facing a huge overhead when it comes to replacing an upgrading all of their equipment. See the amount of money that will be spent in hardware upgrades is considerably large the company now needs a way to justify itself in front of consumers who will have to pay a premium on their bandwidth package.

Will the Internet crash? Absolutely not, AT&T doesn't host the Internet per se, but they do provide services to a lot of American consumers who use their servers and fiber optic lines in order to get online, throwing this bomb on to consumers will only prepare them to pay an even higher premium for web services which is a great marketing strategy for the company.

With so many companies offering Internet services to American consumers this new announcement is a great PR strategy for AT&T which will now be under the spotlight after such dramatic way to spin expenses on a hardware upgrade they knew was imminent. Do you think you can use a similar marketing strategy to put your website on the map? - your ability to do so will determine how successful your internet ventures will be.

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