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Money Made By Pre Selling

Glen P Jon

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Pre selling is the name given to selling the prospect on the idea of what you're about to present to them. This topic is funny to me. I relate to Pee Wee Herman's tv appearance on a situation comedy show. He was invited to a party and there were all sorts of things happening. Then in the middle of the skit he says “Is this Am Way?" Then he says “Would anyone be interested in timeshare?" For those of you who don't know, it was popular once if not still to disguise solicitations as a party gathering. Imagine going to a party to get your thing on and you wind up having to take out your credit card. You were manipulated into buying something because you're so enthused over what was presented to you at a dance party.

It's some what like martial arts. A good fighter knows where the opponent's weak points are and hits them at a precise vulnerable time. That's how it is with pre selling. You get the prospect ready and not expecting to be a customer of anything. Then you gradually re-direct the subject matter. Typically a sales technique known as a “reverse" is employed. That's when you tell the prospect it's questionable if he or she is qualified to purchase your product. The prospect then must be qualified. This usually creates a special desire in the prospect when you tell them they may not be qualified. As a former telemarketer, I used to feel guilty of being too manipulative. People would begin to increase their desire when I told them they may not be qualified. I would say: “I don't know. My sales manager may not approve of this. "

I used to think of pre selling with a reverse as dishonest however, as a professional relying on my skills to survive, I've come to realize.

I'm only showing people what they really want anyhow. I let them make decisions based upon the fact that the product is sincerely great. I would never sell anything to anyone that was not up to par. The fact about qualifying the prospect is merely drama that does not hurt anyone. The Idea on the internet is to write articles actually like this one and lead the prospects to a link. You would insert a phrase like “by the way, try blah blah blah. It's good for you. This is a limited offer. After a certain time you may not be able to get this. " Pre selling softens up the prospect's resistance to solicitation.

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