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Soft Sell Marketing Meets Charles Darwin


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Everyone believes that Charles Darwin said “Only the fittest survive. " But he didn't.

Instead he said: “It's not the strongest of the species that will survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change. "

So what's the relation between Soft Sell marketing and Charles Darwin?

Responsiveness to change, that's what.

The Internet as a marketplace has given the power of choice to the consumer. Because the Internet has given us a vast array of options, and many, many ways to discover those options. That reduces if not takes the power away from the seller and gives it squarely to the intention and freedom of the buyer.

Consumers now have more power in the marketplace than ever in history. For the Internet marketer, the delete button is equivalent to a campaign-buster.

So now, more than ever before, to be successful marketers must be responsive to change.

Because the traditional sales pitch that comes at you like a tsunami, overwhelms you, and pushes to get the credit card payment isn't as effective as it used to be.

Nor is the subliminal advertiser who creates a need, albeit a false or at least inflated need, and seduces you into believing it's a must-have. That too is going by the by.

So what is the change that's needed?

Relationships and respect. Actually relating with your prospect or customer as a person - with a life - in many ways just like your own - with cares and concerns, hopes and fear, and needs they are looking to be fulfilled.

But what does “relating" mean?

Your sincere intention to find out who your prospects and customers are - not just in terms of what you need to know to complete a sale. But truly approaching them from a perspective of service. Entering their lives, living inside their skin, imagining their challenges, celebrating their successes.

For example - have you conducted a survey with your list? Not a seller-buyer oriented survey, but a human-to-human survey? What would that look like?

If someone sent that kind of survey to you what would you want it to ask? That's a starting point for creating your own.

Let's not kid each other. What you will learn will help your sales. But your intention to emotionally connect with your list is the heartbeat of making the sales you want.

Another tip is to stop thinking of your customers as customers. That's abstract and mechanical. If you know any of them personally, imagine them as you write a sales letter, or an email, or whatever. See the people. That will help you humanize your writing, humanize your business, humanize your life.

So, it's not the survival of the fittest, which has led to aggressive, even brutal sales techniques - we all know the web is filled with them - but, as Darwin said, the people who survive are those that are most responsive to change.

To be “most responsive to change" is to know the men and women on your list with as much depth as you can so you'll be able to speak to them from inside their lives.

And remember, your marketing campaign stands on your Internet platform. You can get solid, proven guidance on how to build your Soft Sell platform by downloading our FREE 60 minute audio - “How to Build Your Soft Sell Platform - at


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