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The Lazy Super Affiliate System - Does It Really Work? An Honest Review


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What Is The Lazy Super-Affiliate Marketer?

The Lazy Super-Affiliate Marketer, or Lazy Affiliate Marketer as it is also known (or LAM for the rest of this review) is advertised as a “Making Easy Money With free ‘Set and Forget’ Traffic - No Advertising, No ‘Networking', No Holds Barred, No BS", written by Chris Rempel. Chris claims that most people fail miserably at affiliate marketing and sets out to explain why, and what you can do about it - using his system. And his system is about focusing on people who already want to buy something - even desperate to buy something. The practical focus is on the techniques for identifying these kinds of people and markets, researching their needs, and then building niche ‘mini-sites’ to maximise search engine rankings. These drive traffic to your affiliate sales page - or your own product sales page - and he also covers a number of additional techniques that can provide a huge boost in traffic using viral marketing techniques - almost worth the investment for this aspect alone!

As his sales page states, his system is about:

  • Viral Marketing
  • Basic SEO linking methods (SEO = search engine optimisation)
  • Build Useful Resources Worth Linking To and “Talking" About
  • Build a Better Product (Or An Accessory Product) and Attract Affiliates
  • Do It All Over Again

And yes, you can use many of his tools and concepts with Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo. The difference with his system, as he claims, is that he provides exact details on how to apply both approaches. By applying his clearly described system, he claims that you can begin to generate cash, may be a lot of cash. The underlying strategy is to repeat these techniques - often.

Is it a ‘get rich quick & easy’ scheme? No! You have to work at it, and continue to work at it. And depending upon how much you are able to invest in your internet marketing business, and which channels or methods you use, you can potentially lose some money on this. He doesn't promote pay per click or PPC approaches, but you do need to spend some money to get your mini-sites up on the web, with no guarantees you'll cover your costs (all internet businesses are like this). Get it right though and you can change your life. Chris's Lazy Affiliate Marketer system provides an effective way to reduce the risk of failure and increase the probability of success with your affiliate marketing business.

I have bought and applied his Lazy Affiliate marketer system. It has worked for me, and has lots to commend it. I am making a steadily growing income from applying the steps he lays out. I use it in conjunction with Greg Schmidt's Daily Profiting (reviewed at system for maximum effect. It also has a few minor kinks, and so this review is intended to help you make an informed decision that leads to your success, whether you buy it now, in the future, or never.

There is also an affiliate programme which pays out 75% (nice!).

The Sales Pitch

Like virtually every other online business, his web site is basically a typical sales page, following a fairly standard structure. It works (well, it did work on me!), is nicely laid out - pleasing on the eye, and provides in my opinion a good insight in to the LAM system as well as indications of the kind of money Chris is achieving with his system. It is more informative than most other sales pages I have seen. If you sign up to be an affiliate (which you can from Chris's web site, all handled via ClickBank) then this is the same page that your customers will experience.

What You Get

You get a 62 page manual in pdf format (at the time of writing). That is it - nice and simple!


I reckon 62 pages is about right for what Chris covers. There is little white space in the manual, so it's not padded out with ‘fluff’ to give the impression of being bigger than it is, and so worth the fee. His manual is not an example of a professionally typeset and designed manual, and he doesn't claim it is, but it is better than many. Consequently there is more text on each page than on many other manuals. Chris's style is quite ‘chatty’ - you feel he is talking to you, and I for one like that style.

The pages are not numbered, which I find a small issue. It is also let down by a lack of a contents page at the beginning. I for one like to have contents pages so I can more easily dip in and out of a manual or book, and this Lazy Affiliate Marketer manual is ideal for dipping in and out of, once you've read it from cover to cover as a first reading. Ah, if only there were page numbers. . . still, 62 pages is not to bad to go hunting through, and Chris does signpost each of the 7 main parts and he also includes a nice set of resource links at the end.

One thing Chris uses are ‘side notes’ - highlighted boxes that emphasise a key point or provide additional explanation or summary of a specific point. I like this. And he uses a similar technique when he summarises each of the 7 main parts.

Bottom line? The manual is easy to read and access. Why have 162 pages when 62 pages will do? If you are like me and a very busy person with many activities on the go at once, you will be glad there aren't any more pages to read through! It's just a pity there's no contents page, page numbering, or index at the back.

Content Chris clearly states that his approach to finding products to promote is focused on being an affiliate marketer and using the ClickBank web site to handle the details. Click Bank, if you don't already know, is a market place for thousands of electronic products, geared towards supporting affiliate marketing. It handles the process of taking money from buyers and paying it on to affiliates on a percentage basis, and on to the publisher or merchant who created the electronic item for sale in the first place. It is free to be an affiliate with it.

I stated earlier the 5 main areas of interest with Lazy Affiliate Marketer. Chris covers these in 7 parts.

Part 1 focuses on how to identify and tap in to the huge demand that is represented by people who want to buy - and may even be desperate. Like many other systems, Chris's has ClickBank at its core. And he uses this to service the needs of 2 different kinds of buyer - those who are desperate for something such as having a problem solved, time saved or money made - and those who are researching a particular kind of product. The Daily Profiting system describes the research aspect a little better, but Chris goes in to a lot of useful detail instead about identifying the keywords critical to both kinds of buyer when they are searching for help/products via google for example. Chris describes his repeatable process and acknowledges that there are no guarantees. However, I can testify that it does work, and that his recipe is plenty detailed enough, and takes just an hour or 2 to do - so you can repeat it every day if you wish. Chris also talks about outsourcing. I know, and he knows, this costs money. His point is for you to concentrate on finding the niche markets to service while paying people who are good at it, to write copy & great sales pages for you, for example. This is so often worth the investment.

Part 2 focuses on making pocket change - or a fortune. Here he talks about testing your work to refine it for maximum effect, so that when you leave it alone after a few days of development and go to work on your next site, the current site is best placed to turn in sale after sale with no further effort on your part. Hence the ‘Lazy’ in the title of his system - you get to be ‘Lazy’ once you've created the successful site. He also describes the critical differences between you being an affiliate promoting the work of others, and creating your own work. This is useful as an intro to his next point - FOCUS! Staying focused is easier once you know what to focus on, and this is covered sufficiently in this part. In this part Chris touches on blogs, list building, Google analytics, even listing 6 techniques for boosting clicks and conversions to sales. All useful stuff.

Chris flags Part 3 as a slight detour, as he goes off on a slight, but very useful and relevant tangent - viral marketing. This is a critical idea, one to make maximum use of. He talks about what it is and how to do it - there are many ways, and Chris covers a few, based around creating toolbars and software that others can use on a freeware or shareware basis, sufficiently useful that users will recommend, even send them on, to friends and contacts - hence the ‘viral’ bit in ‘viral marketing’. I can't stress this enough - Viral marketing is a very important tool to use.

With Part 4 Chris is back on track after that very useful detour, exploring search engine optimisation - what it is, what it isn't, pitfalls and useful tricks too. For newbies this explanation and exploration alone is worth nearly the fee you pay for his complete system.

Part 5, linked closely to Part 3, explores the business of creating your own products. This is more about attracting and supporting affiliates, and whether to have products that are ‘1-offs', those that are suitable for creating addition sales, such as a ‘professional’ version, or those that create a recurring income, e. g. some kind of subscription fee.

Part 6 focuses on replication - having built 1 mini-site, build more!! Get in to joint ventures with successful marketers. Chris talks about techniques for making the most of these approaches, with useful do's and don'ts for each, especially with joint venture arrangements. This is also where autoresponders are first mentioned by Chris. He talks little of lists, but does briefly describe how autoresponders can help strengthen relationships and perception of value.

The final part, Part 7, is where Chris has ‘a final rant'! It becomes quickly apparent that spending a day to build a mini-site that brings in say $10-20 per day, every day, and having 20 or 30 such sites created over the course of 6 months or a year, is a great foundation for an income of anywhere from $50K to $100K - IN TIME. And the point is that you need to START NOW!

So that's it - Chris's Lazy Affiliate Marketer system. He ends by pointing out his affiliate programme. It is handled by ClickBank, and works very well as a system, paying out 75%.

Using The Lazy Affiliate Marketer With Other Systems

Many gurus promote their systems as a “don't use anybody else's system, use mine". Chris doesn't say anything in this regard. There is nothing in Lazy Affiliate Marketer that stops you from using other systems as well, and on the same products and at the same time. My own experience of using this and other systems is that Lazy Affiliate Marketer and the techniques and ideas it describes, can be easily used with other systems, in particular Harvey Segal's SuperTips concept, the Daily Profiting, and several others. In fact it works very well in conjunction with the Daily Profiting (or DP) because Lazy Affiliate Marketer has a fuller description of how to do keyword research while Daily Profiting does a better job of explaining how to research using the ClickBank ranking system. I review some of these other systems on my reviews web site. There are many channels to use in internet marketing. Why cut yourself off from some just because some other person says so? I say make use of as many as you can!

What About Web 2.0?

On the face of it Lazy Affiliate marketer makes no reference to Web 2.0 sites as a means of generating traffic. A growing number of commentators are saying Web 2.0 is going to be the next biggest thing. Whether it is or isn't, it's easy and cheap enough to be active on it as well as with other methods, so I say do it! The advice and instructions about creating a ‘mini-site’ and searching for key words, still stands. All you do is create entries on Web 2.0 sites that use some of your keywords and have links back to your mini-site. That's it! So, Lazy Affiliate Marketer IS compatible with Web 2.0.


  • The Lazy Super Affiliate system by Chris Rempel does what it says on the tin - a no-nonsense set of exact instructions on how to make money online.
  • It's focus is on practical steps you can take right now to get your own on-line business up and running in less than a day.
  • Because it's focus is on practical, no nonsense advice, and this is clearly Chris's focus, the manual is not a professional masterpiece. But it is readable and useable.
  • You can use many of the concepts and tools with Web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo and others.
  • There is a great affiliate programme, run through ClickBank, paying out 75%.
  • It is thin on specifics of copy writing, and you can get hold of manuals that specifically focus on this aspect.


Value For Money **** (4/5)

Readability/grammar *** (3/5)

Usability **** (4/5)

Application/practicality ***** (5/5)

Relevance ***** (5/5)

Overall **** (4/5)

Martin Schmalenbach is a relative newcomer to Internet Marketing. Having navigated the sheer volume of material and advice, he is now reviewing the many tools and systems. Read more reviews at

You can read Chris's sale page and get your own copy through the site.


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