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Five More Guerilla Marketing Tactics For Selling Internet Marketing Services to Local Businesses


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When it comes to Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Selling Internet Marketing Services to Local Businesses, guerilla marketing tactics can be some of the best ways to generate an income for yourself doing Internet Marketing for others. There are a lot of commanding guerilla marketing tactics that you can use to promote a service like this to local businesses. Five of them, mentioned in a previous article, are classified ads, flyers, business cards, road signs, and direct mail. Five more, which we will explore in this article are, telemarketing and knocking on doors, and press releases, and networking groups and mastermind groups.

1. ) Telemarketing- this is simply opening up your yellow pages again, starting with the A's, and making a list of businesses you to call upon and offer your services. If you want, you don't’ need to compile this list yourself. You can find a list broker, who can provide you with a list of targeted leads to call upon. You can narrow your list to zip code, type of business (you're looking for Mom and Pop's here) and whether or not they have a website. Then use a script to simply call on the phone and offer your services or offer them something for free, like a review of their web marketing program and a report on how it could be improved. Most people won't want to take the time to implement the changes you suggest, but with a great sales letter for your service at a reasonable price, you will be able to secure clients with little effort. If you don't want to cold call, you can outsource this to a local telemarketing company or on any number of the lance sites available on the web. You can even offer a commission basis if you don't want to pay hourly wages, but you'll have better retention rates amongst your contractors if you pay them on a guaranteed basis. With a good script and a good presentation, the cost of your telemarketer will be offset by the income he or she will produce for you.

2. ) Door-to-door sales- this is nothing more than the process of getting in your car and going into businesses offering the same thing you would offer them in your direct mail campaign, your classified ad, on the phone and any other number of guerilla marketing tactics. Your first chore would be to make a list of businesses that you frequent. Then make a list of business around them that you could stroll into when you visit that particular establishment. This will avoid a lot of backtrack driving. You can also hire a door to door sales rep. Professional sales reps are used to working for straight commission so you can hire these people more easily than a telemarketer.

3. ) Press Releases- Write press releases about your new company and submit them to your local newspapers, TV news stations and radio stations. There are professional press release writing services who can work with you to give your business a spin that will make it press worthy. If you want to do your press release yourself, you can search out on google some other press releases to follow their format. Remember, when writing a press release you want to convey a message regarding what YOUR business can do for a community. Submit your press release to your daily newspaper, radio and TV, but also to your smaller newspapers and local publications.

4. ) Networking and Mastermind groups- all businesses and industries have networking groups where they meet and network with each other. They may have brainstorming sessions, and they might refer out leads to each other. Some groups restrict membership to one member per type of business. This means that if there is a person in the group who offers Internet Marketing Services to businesses, than no other Internet Marketing Service Provider can join that group. These types of groups have their good points and their bad points, but there are networking groups such as real estate investor groups where membership is unrestricted and they are still in direct competition with each other. But odds are in a restricted group, no one else is offering what you're offering, and in an unrestricted group everyone is still going to want your services.

5. ) Advertising Sharing- Have you ever been to a restaurant with paper placemats that had small business cared sized ads on it? This is an example of an advertising sharing program. First, locate the restaurants in your town or city that use these placemats. Usually you find them in breakfast and lunch places and in diners and family restaurants. Now that you know they use these placemats, all you need to do is offer to supply them for free. Now, go out and find a supplier for the paper placemats, and a printer. Then start going around to businesses who you have seen advertising on these placemats and ask them if they want space on yours. Because this is paper printing, it's fairly cheap, so you can sell the space cheap to others, but at just enough of a profit margin to have your space for free.

Using these five ‘guerilla marketing’ tactics can increase the exposure to those in your town to your very unique services. Maintaining a system incorporating these five tactics with the previous 5 tactics, classified ads, flyers, business cards, road signs, and direct mail, you will have a complete, low cost, but highly effective guerilla marketing system designed to give you the ultimate marketing machine for your Internet Marketing services businesses. Now that you know how to market your services to local businesses for the type of low cost marketing methods you're used to on the Internet, you can begin to add an additional stream of income to your Internet Marketing business.

Stephanie Fortunato
-Author “Guerilla Marketing Secrets of Selling Internet Marketing Services to Local Offline Businesses"


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