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Top 5 Reasons Why People Give Up!

Alvin Phang

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I thought of sharing with you guys some of the things I faced while I was trying out my journey on Internet Marketing.

I coached and thought people on setting up online business but I realized some of the common problems people faced while trying to make money from Internet Marketing.

1. Too Much Work To Do

Most people who are really new to business or have never start a business will tend to feel it's a real headache to start an online business. 70% of the people I knew who tried Internet Marketing always tend to complain it is a lot of work or they find it hard to continue.

So what would I do to over come this problem? Doing Internet Marketing Business is like a real business, example if you own Starbucks and you decided to open your 1st chain of store in locally. Do you think your business will automatically have business? It's not that simple, you have to market your business! And that goes the same for Internet Business you must know how to market your business which is your website. Formula to success in online business is actually Marketing! The more you market the more people will be aware of your business.

2. Lack of Confidence and Planning

I have a friend who used to tell me this when I first started my Internet Business, he quoted this “There are so many competitors online, how are you going to compete with them. " Then this is what I said, " Out of hundreds of people that started online business everyday, 90% of those people would give up in 3 months!" So my way of thinking was in the 10%.

How to be in the 10%, never give up and plan for success. Continue to always innovate and find ways to build your traffic for your website and products. If you can't do any product or write content then pay someone to write for you. I been in business for almost 4 years and I been through all the pain and suffering that no one sees. But I know a fact that in order for me to be successful I MUST failed more!

Planning is a very important key point in your business, you have to actually plan what you want to write on your blogs. And also have a plan in mind to create products your viewers or customers want.

3. No Results

It very common among people to always complain they are not getting results from what they are doing. Always either blaming the trainer is not good or the materials are just not good.

But when I started to ask these people what they did, you will be amazed they only spend less then 3 hours a week on their blog or business. Do you expect to see a magic grown for your business if you are only working 3 hours a week for your business?

There is no fixed amount of time to see results, but what I can say is work till you see the results! Some people can do it in 3 hours while some take 20 hours a week to see some results. But as time goes by it will get easier and you get smarter you will realized spending those hours on your online business would be much easier later on.

4. Don't Know What To Write

80% of the students I taught were always afraid to post on their blogs, having a fear that people may not like what they write about. But what they did not know is that maybe out of 10 people who visited your blog, there will be chances that at least one or more people will find your information very valuable.

How do you know if your content is valuable, you will often see them commenting on your blog and you know that content you wrote about is valuable to your customers.

5. Afraid No One Will Read What You Write

Many people are always afraid to write their heart out, but from my experience writing from the heart is something you should be doing if you are writing in your blog. The great thing about blogs is that it's actually an online diary of yours you can write any topic you wish as it's your website. There are so many people online and there will be people who like to read what you wrote.

So that's it guys I hope you find this article useful and hopes to motivate you further in making your online business a success! Do drop your comments and your thoughts on my blog.

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