8 Killer Tips How Your Home Internet Business Upline Can Help You


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However, the success of your home internet business depends greatly on the useful advice, which an upliner can give. Your role is to ask, ask and once more ask. Be active! The first step is to understand your skill-level before the start pistol will shoot: what are your talents and skills.

1. The Upliner Can Help You To Select The Right Strategy For Your Home Internet Business.

In practice there are a huge number of strategies, how you can run your home internet business. In the start the challence is to understand, which ones are good for you. Your upline can tell you, which ones fit for you on the condition, that he knows your earlier experience, wishes and talent.

2. Use Email For The Communication With The Upline.

A downliner benefits mostly, when he is active to contact his upline. Your home internet business needs a regular contact with the upline, not only when you have an urgent problem. The relationship is like between the teacher and the pupil. A key relationship builder is a positive, win-win attitude.

Be active and ask, ask and ask. Your upline is also thankful, that you make him to think. It will increase his skills too.

3. How To Describe Your Home Internet Business?

The communication strategy must include two things: be open and be honest! Do not use hype-style and tell the truth as well as you can. If your home internet business campaign gave zero results, tell it fairly and ask for an advice.

4. The Critique From The Upline Is Meant To Help You, Don`t Get Angry!

It is useful to remember that your home internet business is a know-how business, where small details matter. That`s why the critique is helpful, because it will prevent you to repeat the same errors over and over again.

5. Being An Upliner Means To Be A Leader.

Most upliners leads their downliners by sending newsletters or emails. But your home internet business requires a taylor-made advice, a personal consultancy. It must help you, not your home internet business. When your upline knows your history, he can answer the question. This requires that you are very active all the time.

6. Pick The Most Successful Upliner For Your Personal Consultant.

Your home internet business principal most obviously has the list of upliners. The better if the list includes the rank of each person. In that case, pick the guy with the highest rank. He has the best rank, so he is the most successful and a good consultant for you.

7. Visit Your Upliner`s Site Often And Ask How He Promotes His Site.

It is very stimulating to surf through uour consultant`s site and to think, which makes this site so successful. You can even ask that. The key question is the strategy how he promtes his site.

8. You Can Send Your Promotion`s Results To The Upliner And Ask What He Thinks.

The more facts you have from your home internet business, the better. To get more profitable ideas, you can every now and then prepare a status report from your promotion, explaining what you did, what where the results and what the upliner recommends to change.

For instance, if your strategy includes SEO, make a stat how your site has ranked according to each keyword. If the results are bad, your upliner can give you advice according the knowledge, which is based on your earlier discussions. In this case; write four SEO articles with the keyword in question.

I am quite sure, that you do not use your upline with the full potential. My dear reader, open your PC and start mailing to your upline.

Juhani Tontti, B. Sc. , Marketing. I Am An Upliner! I Invite You To Visit My Site And To Download 3 Useful Ebooks For Free. Maybe You Want To Start Your Home Internet Business In My Downline. Click HERE!

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