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Steven Wagenheim

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If you've been following our series on niche marketing, in our first installment, we got started by finding our niche. You can refer back to that article to see how it's done. In this installment, we're going to focus on how to decide how to monetize that niche. In other words, how are we going to make our money from it? This will greatly depend on the niche itself. This article will present a few examples of how to go about this process.

Let's start right off with a niche and see how we can go about earning an income from it. Let's for argument sake say that you've decided that you're going to tackle the niche of gardening. Now, in a real case scenario, you wouldn't tackle such a broad niche, but we're going to use a broad one to show you how many different ways there are to make money from a niche.

When it comes to gardening, what's probably the main thing that people need? Well, you can divide this up between two things. One, is knowledge. Let's face it. You can't garden if you don't know what you're doing. This isn't something where you can just drop a few seeds on the ground and hope for the best. There is an enormous amount of knowledge that is required to garden effectively. So one thing you can do, and a very good way to make money in the niche of gardening, is to write a book on gardening. Maybe you'll specialize in a certain type of gardening like herbs gardening. This is a definite specialty. That's one way of monetizing the niche of gardening. But it's only one way.

Another way is to become a distributor of gardening equipment and supplies. Maybe you'll sell certain kinds of seeds, or gardening tools. Today, many things are sold online. You don't need to go to a gardening center any longer to get your gardening supplies. There are many sites online that sell gardening supplies and many of these have affiliate programs. Why? Because they want as much help as they can with promoting their products. And the great thing about doing this is that you don't have to stock any inventory. It's never been easier than it is today.

Another thing you could do to make money online from gardening is to start your own gardening site. Maybe make it a membership site that gives people loads of tips on how to garden. You could charge a reasonable monthly fee to make it affordable for people to come to the site. Maybe even have a free section for everybody and then a members paid section for those who want advanced training. In the meantime, you could earn income from Adsense ads on your site.

These are just a few ways that you could make a living online from gardening. And this is going to be the case with many niches that you get into. You just have to sit down, use a little imagination and then map out a game plan.

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