How to Start Online With No Money

Sean Mize

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You read that right. How to start online with no money. None, nada, zilch, nothing.

Yes, you can do it. Do I advise it if you have money? No. But, if you must, you must.

So if you must:

1) You will have to start by promoting other people’s products, until you develop your own. I advise, however, from day 1, that you will keep your eye on developing your own product. Look around online. The successful have their own product. Even though they didn’t at first. But now they do.

2) Get your own web site. There are plenty of free ones out there-just run a search on your favorite search engine. But beware-you get what you pay for. So you will want to upgrade as soon as you can.

If you have never programmed, do not fear. There are plenty of good site builders out there, and many are free with the free sites.

3) Get an auto responder. Several auto responder companies have a free version. It will probably be loaded with advertisements, etc. Again, you get what you pay for and should upgrade as soon as you can. Be aware of trying to use your web host’s auto responder. You don’t have the ability to get your IP address white listed by the email companies, so much of your mail will not be delivered. By the way, another tip here: always subscribe to your own list so you know what the email looks like and whether it goes to your inbox or your bulk box.

4) Learn everything you can about traffic generation and take massive action. You need hundreds of visitors a day to do real testing and become successful. Go out and get them. Use every traffic generation technique available, test everything you do, and keep doing what works.

5) Learn to write good sales letters and emails. Write like you talk. Conversationally. Like this article. You will eventually want to buy information on how to write better, but at first you can wing it by studying from others for free.

6) Stick to it. Don’t take any money out of the business. When you make your first 100 dollars, that is not a treat for Friday night. Upgrade your web sites, auto responders, and buy a book on writing good emails. Then next month you can clear 200. Just keep reinvesting, both your money and your time. Starting on a shoestring will be trying, but if you stick with it, it will be worth it.

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Sean Mize is a successful offline and online entrepreneur and marketer, and is currently writing his third book.


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How to Make Money Online Where to Start and How to Get There
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