The Difference Between Success and Failure Online in 2006

Sean Mize

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Year 2006. It is nearly over. Have you made money online this year? Last year? Are you poised to make money in 2007?

If you are wildly profitable, you should not be reading this article. You already know the keys to success and the keys to failure. You are making decisions every day online, some that make you money, a few that fail. But you learn from those failures.

But what about you? You don’t know the difference. You don’t know why some fail and others succeed. Is it just luck? Do some just ‘stumble’ on the right opportunity? Do some people just ‘know’ how to write compelling copy?

Nah. It’s not that. In today’s online market, several things are becoming clearer and clearer.

What are they?

1) To be successful online in 2006, you must be focused. You cannot be all things to all people. You cannot sell a myriad of unrelated products. On the other hand, you MUST become an expert in your field. People will buy from you not because you send the most emails or have the prettiest site. They will buy because you are the expert they want to learn from. Are you?

2) To be successful online in 2006, you must develop a list of opt-in subscribers who want to read your mail. You see, there is just so much spam these days that two things occur: most commercial mail goes into a bulk box that rarely gets opened, and people are exposed to more and more offers so it dilutes that value of your single email. How to solve this dilemma? Create a relationship with your subscribers so that they WANT to open your email. So they white list you. So your email ALWAYS gets read.

3) To be successful online in 2006, you must create a selling “funnel". You must be willing to introduce yourself to your potential customers with a free or low-cost product. Let them see what you are really made out of. Then you can show them your bigger, more substantial product. But first they must become loyal, and that takes time and hard work.

4) You must be committed to finding out what doesn’t work. You cannot have the attitude that you have tried three different methods of capturing web business, and they didn’t work, so all is lost. All is not lost. Now you know what doesn’t work. Go out and do something new and do it better.

5) Along that same line, you must be committed to success. If you are not committed to winning the online game, get out. Only those who are committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed will win. The rest will fail. Which are you?

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Sean Mize is a successful offline and online entrepreneur and marketer, and is currently writing his third book.


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