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Spending too much time trying to sell your eBooks on eBay, instead of sourcing new products, or finding new ways to make money can ruin your business. After a few years of mediocre sales you might just want to stop selling altogether and find a new business to get involved with. This isn’t the solution you should be seeking, in fact there are many ways to make your eBay business selling eBooks skyrocket in overall profitability.

Pitch original products as much as possible to boost your daily eBook sales on eBay. The most popular eBooks on eBay are ones that are original in content, and offer users some new, and exciting information they can actually use for their own benefit. Think about what eBooks will offer your customers the most benefit, and then purchase them for resale. The more you offer the customer, the better your daily sales will be.

Make your listings a preview of your product each and every time you sell eBooks on eBay. The major problem with most e-book listings is that they don’t offer customers enough information about the product they are purchasing. This isn’t to say that most eBay e-book listings don’t have a lot of words in them, but rather they don’t have enough real information about the product for sale. Most eBay e-book ads are full of jibber jabber sales jargon that relates to the product in almost no fashion whatsoever. Instead what you want to do is list as much information about your e-book as possible, and any other info that would cut through the formal jabber and get to the point.

Track your sales and make adjustments on items that are not selling well. If you have 10 eBooks for sale on average, make notes about what products are selling, and what ones are not. If an eBook is not selling after adding all the information about it possible, and featuring it several times, it is fair to say that it needs to be dropped. Don’t look at dropping a eBook from your eBay sales inventory as failure, look at it as a business choice that makes plenty of sense.

Spend money to make money is a motto that works as well on eBay as anywhere else. What can you spend money on to improve your eBay eBook listings? Try adding a listing template to spice up your graphics, enter in a few bonuses for the purchaser of your listing, and buy a few email lists to promote your listings. Spending money if done smart, can definitely make you money in the end.

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John Thornhill is an eBay powerseller and trades on eBay under the username planetsms. If you really want to succeed on eBay with information products visit


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Ebay Ebook Success - Why You Should Be Creating Your Own Premium Ebook
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