Top 5 Mistakes that Cause Online Business' to Fail

Earma Brown

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Do you change products and methods to make money online like most people change their clothing? Many online marketers do. In fact, only about 3% of all online marketers succeed in making money online. The other 97% jump from product to product and method to method never seeing the results that open the door to the winners’ circle of making money online.

If you want to break out of the 97% bracket failure and into the 3% circle of successful online selling, create an additional stream of income or increase the one you have - keep reading. Correct these top five mistakes internet marketers make and prosper:

Mistake # 1 Failure to know your product

Don't produce or promote a product that you have little interest and no passion. Your copy, your product, your service will be ineffective. Increase your odds of success. With passion, you will communicate enough emotion to move your potential customers to pull out their credit cards or wallet and purchase again and again.

Mistake #2 Failure to keep learning in your field

Keep abreast of cutting edge information about your product or service. For example, one of my goals is to read one or two articles a day about internet marketing and business. This habit keeps me learning and open minded about my field. The best part is you can support this habit with out spending money at all. The internet has plenty of free information sites and e-books on any subject. There's nothing new under the sun. There are plenty of successful sites to learn from. Use Google to find some and reverse engineer them - model (not steal) their success habits in page setup, content layout and even source code, if feasible. Soon, your successful pattern will become a winning model for others.

Mistake #3 Failure to focus your efforts

Limit your innovations and focus your efforts. Most of the time, changes, and improvements are good. In this case, figure out what's working for you and stick with it. If you are getting traffic from article writing, continue to write them. If you are getting consistent sign-ups from your newsletter, improve your letter and grow your subscriber lists. Do not drift far from your original plan. Pre-determine the amount of innovative ideas you want to try each month, but keep your main efforts centered on getting better results from methods that have already worked for you.

Mistake #4 Failure to spend money wisely

The internet contains a wealth of good information but there's also loads of bad information and scams. It is too easy to get tricked into pouring your money down the drain with get “rich quick schemes" and information you can easily find from a free resource. The author has personally purchased her share of needless information and products. I am not saying all internet ventures and net information are bad. I am saying some don't live up to their claims of instant profits and success. Consider buying more products only after referrals of several reputable people. Otherwise hold on to your cash for purchasing services and products that will generate definite results and/or aid you in producing definite results.

Mistake #5 Failure to take responsibility for your success

Responsibility for your success ultimately lies with you. No product or service will automatically make your business a success. Know your success is directly related to your choice and your effort. If you become unhappy with the results of your business efforts, remember to examine yourself or your plan first. Analyze what you could do better to gain success. There are people who have become successful with making money online but didn't start out that way. They started with a shoestring or no string budget just like yours. If they did it you can too. Keep searching, reading and talking to people who are successful in your field. It will keep you reminded that your diligence and hard work will lead you straight to your success.

If you continue to market sporadically-switching from method to method you will never break out of the 97% of online marketers that don't make money online. There are proven ways to speed your progress but the most effective ones include sticking to a sound business plan. Practice the five principles in this article and break free from majority and enter the winners’ circle that succeeds online.


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