7 Tips For the New Network Marketer

Audrey Okaneko

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Oh, how exciting. You’ve signed the contract. You paid for the kit. Now, once that kit arrives you’ll be set to go. You have such big plans. You have such wonderful ideas.

The kit comes at the end of the next week. Gosh, what took so long? You’ve now committed to a volunteer project once a week. You’ve also committed to a new carpool for your child. You actually did talk to two people in the last week and both of them said no. Maybe you can get your money back for the kit. This isn’t really what you want to do anyway.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Here are 7 tips for the new network marketer to help get the ball rolling:

1. Read and learn about the company. How old is the company? How was the company started? Where are corporate headquarters located? How many distributors does the company have? Who owns the company? What can you learn about that person, or family?

2. Read and learn about the product line. What products are offered? How often are new products introduced? Are there catalogs? How does a distributor order? And how does a customer order? Is there a money back guarantee?

3. Join any online communities you can with other distributors from your company. Sometimes you’ll find team boards, or team groups. Sometimes you’ll find company boards, or company groups. There are tons of work at home message boards out on the internet. Find those that have boards with other distributors from your company. Join them and read what other distributors are saying. Start developing a support network within the distributor circle of your company.

4. Go to either the local book store or a used book store and find a couple of books about business and/or leadership. I really like John Maxwell. He’s written several books on leadership. Another favorite of mine is “Love Is The Killer App” by Tim Sanders. The entire book is about networking,

5. Create a simple business plan. Or at the very least write down both your short term and long term goals. A business plan and goals are your roadmap. Almost no one leaves their home for a cross country trip without some sort of map. If you’ve never been in business before, it’s like going cross country. Without a map, you’re bound to get lost.

6. Sign up for a couple of newsletters or ezines. These can either be about business in general, about network marketing or about your specific industry. If you plan to market online, join one or two newsletters that will help you learn about marketing online. If you plan to host home parties, join one or two newsletters about party plan. Regardless of company affiliation, you need to find hostesses, give presentations, introduce products, etc.

7. Put together your first product order. Even before your kit arrives, you can put together your first product order. Order those sales aids you’ll need also, whether it be catalogs, or information sheets, or samples. Order the supplies you’ll need to sell the product and to talk to others about joining the company.

With these 7 steps completed before your kit ever arrives, the kit will only be a formality, not the starting point. You will have already immersed yourself into your new business and will already be working towards those first goals you’ve set. As you begin sponsoring others, share these 7 steps with your new team members. You’ll develop a team that begins working the day they say yes.

Audrey Okaneko has been working at home since 1983. She can be reached at audreyoka@cox.net or visited at http://www.scrapping-made-simple.com


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