The Art of Listening-Visualization Marketing Strategies


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The art of listening. . .
The art of hearing not speaking. . .

The art of visualization. . .

All important assets in online endeavors today.

The timely art of listening is fast becoming unknown in today's society. The fast-paced and hurried life of most people leaves a little to be desired.

Does this timely art pertain to the internet marketer of today? Of course! One must get past one's own chattering mind to be able to really listen to the needs of potential customers.

The personal agenda of the modern day marketer must be quieted in order to hear the wants and needs of the people. The internet is no exception to the rule. Appealing to people, being interested in what that person is trying to say, assisting that person with their own business, is the significant role in relationship marketing.

Rule of the day. . . blatant advertising is dead. . . let is rest!

Gone are the days when the marketer would blast out emails by the millions, (emails are not being delivered, or are being deleted) shouting out to the internet the products and services offered. . . "buy mine. . . want to make money online. . . make you rich in a week. . . the list goes on.

Those days are gone. . . thank God!

A new paradigm shift is transforming on the internet today. Relationship marketing is taking precedence over blatant, “catchy" titles. . . people just want credible, reliable information about how they can run a successful business.

WebTrafficConnection is built on that principle. The principle of listening to the needs of the professional marketer, the principle of doing business fairly and honestly on the internet, the business of getting people the legitimate traffic to their website that they desperately need.

Listening to the needs of people is no different on the net than face to face. Once marketers begin conducting their business in that.

Butch Hamilton is an accomplished SEO|SEM Specialist. His area of expertise lies in the ability to successfully promote individuals, as well as large company's websites on the internet. Top ranking positions are a daily occrrence for Mr. Hamilton.

Mr. Hamilton is a SEO trainer for the Veretekk system. He has been with the system and learned how to effectively use that knowledge in promoting on the internet.

Butch Hamilton is also the chief marketing official for Brevard Business Networking & Hosting Inc. , located in Satellite Beach, Fl. Rick Stout, owner of the corporation and Mr. Hamilton work closely in the massive internet marketing system known as WebTrafficConnection. He is a trainer for the WTC system as well.


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The Art of Concentrative-Listening
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