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One-Page Newsletters can do more than help you keep in constant touch with clients and prospects and educate them to desire your products and services. Each issue can also generate immediate sales!

Simply combine the educational content of your newsletter with a monthly promotion described in the covering e-mail or on the page of your website where readers can download each issue. Once you have engaged your reader’s interest, offer them an engaging next step that accelerates their interest and encourages them to buy right now.

Here are some tried-and-proven ways:

  • Teleconferences. One of the easiest, least expensive, and most powerful ways for you to monetize—or convert your newsletter into profits—is to invite readers to a free teleconference where you provide additional information and invite them to discuss the topic and ask questions. Costs are negligible. Use e-mail autoresponders to deliver the phone number and a special PIN (personal identification number) plus last-minute reminders.

  • Special report. Offer an in-depth treatment of the topic covered in your newsletter. You can either sell it or offer it for free, upon e-mail request. You can also deliver additional information on unlinked web site pages or via e-mail.

  • Promotions. When appropriate, offer special pricing or terms on products or services associated with the topic of your newsletter.

  • Event marketing. Offer free demonstrations or seminars in your store, an office, or a hotel meeting room. Or, offer a free 30-minute introductory meeting or telephone consultation.

    Here’s how to maximize response:

  • Encourage e-mail registration. This creates a list of prospects interested in particular topics for later follow-up.

  • Focus. Separate the educational content of your newsletter from the promotional message in the e-mail announcing each new issue or on the page of your website where your newsletter can be read or downloaded. Never put time-sensitive information in your newsletter!

  • Separate the why’s" from “how’s. " Emphasize problems, solutions, and benefits in your newsletter. Limit the details of your solution to your follow-up information and events. Keep your newsletters short.

  • Add urgency. Schedule your call to action event immediately after you distribute your newsletter. Encourage early registration by emphasizing limited teleconference capacity, limited quantities, or place a time limit on promotions.

  • Vary your call to action. Don’t follow the same call to action each month. Vary teleconferences, special reports, promotions and free consultations.

  • Follow-up. Thank those who attend events or requested more information.

  • Track your results. Note which topics and calls to action result in the most sales. Repeat your winners.

    Success requires planning. Start by creating a 12-month Editorial Calendar describing the topics you are going to discuss in each of the upcoming issues of your newsletter.

    Then, choose the type of call to action, or promotion, most appropriate for each month’s topic. As you review each issue in your editorial calendar, ask yourself: “What’s the best way to leverage my market’s interest in this topic?" It takes time to put together a successful promotion or prepare special reports and teleconferences. But, if your call to action projects a last-minute or amateurish image, you’ll be wasting the momentum your newsletter has generated.

  • On-going process, not isolated event. Success requires an on-going series of newsletters and related promotions. Use your 12-month editorial calendar to schedule your efforts on several newsletter issues and promotions each month.

  • Encourage pass-alongs. Invite recipients to share your e-mails and newsletters.

  • Be specific. Describe the specific action you want the recipient of your message to take. Summarize important details.

    Roger C. Parker knows the secrets to promoting your business one page at a time. Find out the simple way to keep in constant touch with your customers, while saving you time and money. Visit for your three free reports.

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