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Ezine Publishing - How One Sentence Can Pay Your Bills


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It doesn’t need repeating that Ezine publishing is a powerful vehicle for targeted website traffic.

Because well crafted words will make or break your entire business. Persuade, educate and negotiate…whatever you’re trying to do, let the right combination of words cut out the strain in your Ezine publishing campaigns.

In this article, I’d like to focus on using Ezine publishing to sell your products. Not only that, but how to use one powerful, often overlooked weapon to drive targeted, buying traffic to your websites as a result.

I will be posing a question that may seem hard to answer; in fact it may even seem ludicrous to actually ask. But you will leave here with a greater enthusiasm and optimism for Ezine publishing than you did prior to reading this article.

You see, I am as honest as they come. I am not a dreamer, I like real results.

I often listen intently to other people’s methods and ideas and if they produce real results, I will pay attention.

However, due to my open attitude to listen to many theories and ideas related to successful Ezine publishing over the past 3 years, I have been led into many theories that consumed my time and money - only to find out that they were useless.

In fact, I am sure you have too…am I right?

During my employment, (shudders) and ever since I left my last employed position, (smiles) I have focused my entire efforts and energy into one single study. That is, a study of words.

What excites me more than anything is how powerful words can be, even a few well crafted words can yield seriously heavy influence over people. Headlines, for example are a force to be reckoned with. They sell tabloids, they sell movies, they sell products and they sell dreams. Just a few words seemingly strung together, but so powerful they can stop you in your tracks.

Now this does seem like a steep challenge doesn’t it? What could you possibly do in order to achieve such results? If you would have asked me 10 years ago I would have said…“Nothing, you fool”

After many years of study and testing, I have finally woken up to the reality that it is, in fact quite possible.

Let me explain…

You see, sales pages and Ezine articles are often over worked and unnecessary. Did you know that on average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of what you have to say?

This means that if the headline is crafted properly, you’re work is already done.

You see, provided your sales page, Ezine article, or other type of online copy is readable and honest, explains what you are selling and does so in a polite and caring manner and provides answers to any possible objections, then the headline will already be working in the background for you…

The headline, if crafted correctly, will lay the seed of promise, will tempt readers with a clear incentive to travel through your writing and will ultimately drop them off safely at your “Pay Now” button.

The headline is the bait; the rest of your message is just the process. The rest of your message simply seals the fresh fish that have been hooked from the open waters.

In this article, I have just knocked the entire success of Ezine publishing down into a single, gravitational word …the headline.

So can you sell your product in less than one sentence? Here’s my answer…

“Yes you can, with a well crafted headline”.

After spending many years in advertising and publishing, this idea of mine has been proven to be anything but theory, in fact, it’s a practice used by the world’s most successful Ezine publishers, advertisers, copywriters and salespeople.

It is dangerous to underestimate the power of a few simple words; particularly when used in mediums that can spread virally such as Ezine articles. A single headline can mentally grip a casual reader and transform them into an eager buyer.

If crafted properly, the headline is the promise, the solution and the sale encapsulated into one automatic sales force.

Be warned though, cash generating headlines don’t just happen by accident. There are certain skills and some little known secrets that you absolutely must know if you want to make it work for you too. You should be excited, this is your chance to stomp the net and give your bank manager a heart attack. Here’s the inside scoop: Hypnotic Headlines...Click Here


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