My First Anniversary On EzineArticles

Aderemi Ojikutu

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I was yearning for expression. I knew that I carried a treasure. I have been in some sort of way, a local, obscured, unsung and unknown fellow in the world of the pen, or should we call it now the world of the keyboard? After all, the buttons have replaced the pen in modern history of writers in the last 12 or so years internet growth worldwide.

Whenever you carry a treasure of inestimable value, you would naturally radiate an aroma of attraction, but that is to the noses that desire mutual accomplishment with your talent. To swines however, that fragnance became the invitation to attack and aggression. It is popularly known that we should not cast our pearls before swines, because they would trample it under-feet and turn around to tear you to pieces.

One month activity and eleven articles posted on was enough to launch me from obscurity to celebrity. The google-search results for my name shot up from only one to over 800 today just because of that encounter with destiny.

That search result has fetched me subscription and membership of the biggest and fastest health beverage company in the U. S. The Tahitian Noni International Inc. In 3 months my team made over 20,000 USD in turnover and we were all happy for the resulting bonuses, commissions and royalties.

My greatest gain however was the enrollment into the UNIVERSITY OF DESTINY- that is what truly is to me. (We were just a little over 9kilo authors then). Today, we have increased by an additional 17,000 “students". This is a good reflection and indicator for every web entrepreneur of the unending boom of our industry, particularly in the last 12 months. I have been schooled into exploits with all the varied lectures which I have received in the last 12 months. They have provided a “vehicle" that has begun to and would certainly take me to my divine destination.

I am eternally grateful to the “Vice Chancellor" of this “University"- Chris Knight and to my very many resourceful and dedicated lecturers, “Professor" Lance, and others too numerous to mention in this dissertation. A great and warm embrace to mentors and new friends that I have made in this one year. I have learnt and listen more than I have written on this platform of destiny. I pray that as I near my graduating year, I would become a contributor to this system and “university" that has made me. I pray I would be able to give more back, to this system as an expression of my deepest gratitude to the great resource that you have invested in me.

Mega Thanks to you all. Only God, the Almighty would reward you for your investment and faith in me.


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