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If you are looking forward to create and send Email campaign without missing any of your subscribers or potential clients, then ReachMail is the email-marketing tool you need. This company will help promote your business through email marketing in an effective and budget-friendly way. Businesses can reach a large number of targeted people within a short period and make their campaign a success.


So what makes it different from the other email marketing tools ? Well, you can do more with it at a competitive price. The company has taken the marketing world by storm with their ‘This Means More’ campaign. They claim to offer services that are same or even better than their biggest and well-established competitors Constant Contact and iContact. And the catch here ? Well, they say these similar features are at no extra cost. They are free !!!

The company helps it clients send up to 15000 emails to around 5000 subscribers at zero cost. This means your business can save hundreds of dollars by using ReachMail email marketing tool.

Apart from free email service to up to 5000 subscribers, the company also offers free templates, tests that prove the effectiveness of your campaign, customer surveys related to your business, built-in social media sharing as well as unlimited and uninterrupted customer support.


What gives ReachMail a competitive edge in their free campaign. Let us compare how much worth it is as a free account if you opt for it.

  • MailChimp – If you have a business with 2000 or fewer subscribers, then you will be able to send up to 12,000 emails/month free.
  • ConstantContact – You get a 60 days trial for free and get access to live experts as well as online resources absolutely free. Once your trial period is complete, you can opt for $15 dollars for 500 subscribers or $150 for 25000 subscribers per month fee.

  • iContact – You get a 30-day free trial period. Then you can opt for a minimum monthly fee of $15 dollars for 500 clients or opt for a bigger plan as per your subscriber list size.

Note: Still you are not satisfied with the features provided for their pro plans then never forget to read about Mailerlite Email Marketing Services as they offer more features than this for a pro account .

As you can see, ReachMail helps you reach more at almost no cost. Start-ups, small businesses or medium-sized entrepreneurs can benefit a lot from it. If you have 5000 or less than 5000 subscribers in your list, it is a better choice. Apart from the pricing, other features that make it better suited for your business, such as:

  • Easy to use interface. Even if you are not a pro with email marketing, the simple interface makes it very easy for you to follow the steps and reach out to your subscribers.
  • You can utilize the different kinds of metrics with ReachMail such as mobile opens as well as percentages. Thus, helping you stay ahead of the competition and change your campaign as per subscriber feedback.
  • There are hundreds of free, easy to use template designs that make the campaign look beautiful and attractive. If you are still dissatisfied, you can always take the help of their in-house designer team to build one for you.
  • ReachMail has a dedicated team that makes sure your campaign goes past the SpamChecker tools and reaches your subscriber’s inbox.
  • You can even keep a track of your emails regarding who opens your emails and how many times do they go back to view your campaign. You can even find out who clicked on your mail, forwarded it to their contacts or those who just discarded your email. Thus, allowing you to send a follow-up email according to the subscriber’s action.
  • They offer a sign-up form that allows your visitors to enter their email address and turn into your subscriber.
  • Their customer service is excellent and they are always ready to help you via phone. You could even use their webinars and videos that help you understand the website better.

Things to Frown Upon With ReachMail

There are certain things that may be a hassle to a few. ReachMail does not provide batch report download. So, if you have multiple variations within a campaign, you cannot download the report individually.

ReachMail should provide a feature wherein you can download a particular report of all campaigns sent during a particular period. It could even add different parameters and allow download of the reports accordingly. It does not allow one to upload multiple images or assets in one go. Thus, making the process quite time-consuming.

The email marketing tool offers just two-level ‘tree’ of organization. This means you only have a list and a suppression list. You could do more with a feature that allowed nest lists to be divided into different categories. This would prevent one from going through the entire list of suppressions and deployment lists.

Suppose you need to send more emails than your plan allows, you will be charged $1.50 to $0.74 for every extra thousand emails you send.

Although ReachMail boasts of better customer support, they do not have an online support chat as well as 24/7 customer support. Also, you do not get to speak to a representative to answer your questions.


Is It Pocket-Friendly ?

Definitely. It allows one to reach more subscribers totally free of cost.

Does Image Hosting on ReachMail Have a Limit?

Users can upload as many as they want. The Image Hosting feature is unlimited.

Access to Image Library

One cannot access image library such as Stock Images on it.

Are the Templates Mobile-Friendly?

The templates provided by ReachMail are mostly for desktop view. Thus, they are not very mobile-friendly when viewed using a smartphone or tablet. If you consider the number of people using smartphones for their every need, this inability to adapt to mobile screen size becomes a handicap.

Is It Social Media Friendly ?

Yes, it allows you to connect with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Is It a New Player on the Block ?

It has been around for more than 15 years. Although a young company, they know the tricks of their trade well.


It offers services that are similar to some of the well-established competitors at a price to die for. This means any start-up or a medium business trying to push its sales will definitely benefit from this email marketing tool. ReachMail also offers features such as free templates, reporting accounts for social media clicks, built-in survey, etc. You can use their free plan for life, as it never expires. Thus, if you maintain your limit of 15,000 emails per 5000 subscribers, you are good to go. However, it lacks mobile email customization and trigger-based campaign. This may seem like a problem to some businesses. Also, as far as customer care is concerned, they claim to have the best support in the market. However, they don’t have a 24/7 customer care service over email or phone. You can’t even chat with their representative whenever required. Keeping these drawbacks aside, you can go for the free service by ReachMail if you need to cut down on costs to the company until you achieve considerable profits to upgrade your plans to advanced.

If you still not satisfied with this service or if you are looking for some best automation services then never forget to go through my review about GetResponse Email Marketing Solutions since they are widely chosen by MNC's, high traffic driving blogs, etc. or if you just need a personal newsletter services with few features then definitely you should not miss out reading about TinyLetter Services by MailChimp since they are the best at it .



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