Why You Need an Email Continuity Solution

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We never realize the importance of something until it’s gone forever. Such is the case with email. Email is the primary mode of communication for businesses. Despite technology advancements and infrastructure robustness, several IT organizations still face hardware and software downtimes that can last for a few hours and extend up to few days shutting down businesses completely during an outage.

Have you imagined, what would happen if your business does not have email access for hours? The thought is petrifying, isn’t it? But there is a solution available – email continuity

What is Email Continuity?

Email continuity refers to a disaster mitigation plan where your organization’s email communication is not affected in the event of a disaster or an outage. The backup plan ensures your employees are able to send and receive emails just like they do normally.

Disasters happen and Networks fail. Having an email continuity solution ensures your business communication remains unaffected by any kind of disruption, planned or unplanned. Here are a few reasons why you need an email continuity solution.

1. Send and Receive Emails Even During an Outage

According to a research conducted by Channel Eye, small and medium businesses experience an email outage every three months in a year. But, with uninterrupted email solutions, you will never have to face problems of email outage. Ability to send and receive email even during an outage is the primary benefit of using uninterrupted email services.

2. Redundant Backup System

Your physical email server or cloud based email service can fail anytime. Uninterrupted email solutions offer a mini archive option that allows you to access older mail even when you can’t access your regular email inbox. The archived mailbox serves as a standby box that proves helpful in email outages. This allows you to continue with normal operations.

3. Protects your Business Interests

Any email outage or downtime will result in deadlines being missed, communication interruptions and inability to process orders.

Without uninterrupted email solutions, your customer email will bounce back, which will lead to an unhappy and/or frustrated customer. Email downtimes costs include lost business with customers which can be short and long term.

4. Prevents Financial Losses

According to a report published in Information weekly, IT downtime costs around $26.5 billion in lost revenue. IT outages can lead to huge losses in the form of lost transaction revenue and lost business opportunities.

In some cases, IT outages can also result in legal penalties for not delivering on service level agreements. Uninterrupted Email solutions prevent disruption in email communication that helps in preventing financial losses up to some extent.

Email outages can have disastrous effects. Having an email continuity solution ensures your email systems are up 100% of the time and your organization never becomes invisible to your customers and business partners due to email outages.

Have you implemented any form of uninterrupted email solution? We would like to hear from you.

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