Just Because You Can...

Denise O'Berry

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Just because you can communicate with hundreds of people virtually via email, doesn't mean you should. The phone still exists because it's a valuable tool - especially for small business owners.

Over and over again in the places I frequent on the Internet, I hear calls for help from small business owners for different services. One needs promotional items, another needs an accountant, yet another needs some other type of service - you've probably heard it too.

And time and again I see people responding to those calls for help with a casual attitude via email. They're trying their best to make that connection using a method that has no emotion and plenty of personal detachment.

Don't make the same mistake. Email is fine as a medium for communication but lacks a lot in helping you acquire a new client. There's just something about connecting with a real live person that can take you a long way to success.

Make that phone call!!!

Denise O'Berry is a small business expert who helps small business owners take action to grow their business. Learn more about how to be a successful small business owner at http://www.smallbiz-bootcamp.com


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Just Because You Can...
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