The Importance of Building a List


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Out of all the possible approaches to affiliate marketing, lead capture and list building represents the smartest and most effective option.


A lost visitor is a lost sale. A lost visitor is the loss of potential repeat sales. Think of it this way: you're putting time and money into your advertising. If you aren't capturing your visitor's email addresses, you're basically throwing all of that traffic right down the drain.

When you capture your visitors to your list, you open a whole new world of profit opportunities - not just for the short term, but for the long term as well.

The Benefits of List Marketing

- You can educate your prospects. This will increase your conversion rate by giving you the opportunity to turn hesitant prospects into enthusiastic customers.

- You can market to your prospects over and over again. Your long term profit potential exists in repeat sales. Never work for “just one sale".

- You can double your return on investment while lowering your advertising costs. Once you've got a list in place, you don't have to limit your offerings to just affiliate product. You can bring in any additional, related products of interest to your list and make sales immediately without going through the same advertising process all over again.

Can you see the benefits yet?

Why spend money over and over again sending people to the same page and “hoping for a sale", when you can capture them to your list and have full control over the conversion process?

Any other approach leaves you at the mercy of the merchant's web copy and the customer's mindset at first contact. You've got to lure your prospects in and expose them your message multiple times. This will save you so much time and money you'll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

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Javier Salces is an experienced online marketer who runs 3 successful viral marketing sites with thousands of members. He also publish the popular newsletter “opt-inLeads eZine". Feel free to visit his brand new List building service at:


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List Building - List Building Basics for the Beginning List Builder III
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