To Subscribe or NOT to Subscribe - Is there Even a Question?


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Subscribers - Your Key “Ingredient" - And You Need to BE One!

Simply put, the best thing you can do for yourself is receive the publications you've chosen to advertise in. And though the obvious reason would be to see your ad in print, that's NOT the critical reason why you need to subscribe.

You subscribe because it works to your advantage TO subscribe!

As an advertiser, you need ezines with subscribers, right? If they are reading, your advertising is also being read.

Reading = interest = sales.

As an advertiser, you NEED your ad seen by other marketers or people looking for a market, the people working within your own field or trying to find that foothold, people just like you who are looking for that perfect program or product.

So, imagine for just a moment everyone in the marketing world wishing to advertise, but not willing to subscribe. . .

Then ask yourself. . . Whose left to read YOUR ad?

You have the desire to market and advertise online. You NEED people with similar goals and vision subscribed to those ezines and newsletters.

If you want them to receive the ezine and your ad, you need to be willing to receive them, too. Plain and simple.

Turning Your Subscription Into Your Advantage

I've been publishing TheWizWorld MRC Newsletter in some way, shape or form, since February 2000, and I can also tell you that publishing IS a lot of work, scheduling, and keeping everyone happy - and I truly love it!

And, it's always a pleasure when the “impersonal advertiser" takes an interest in the ezine and begins contributing, building up his or her own personal name recognition (their name branding) by providing input, resources, questions and answers, and more.

Keep in mind this year, that it's not by chance that you know many of the “big boys and girls" of the net by name! They work very, very hard to make sure you know them. . . and it's working, right?

One place for YOU to begin cultivating that same advantage is in your subscription. Participate! Interact with your primary source of advertising - your ezines!

Not only will this embed YOUR name into the minds of other readers, but publishers worldwide will be thrilled! Two wonderful birds with one stone!

You gain personal name branding, the publisher gets what they need - your active input.

It's a fine balance - advertiser and publisher, and can be a true win-win situation!

So, choose the high road. Advertise, participate in your subscriptions, and reap the benefits!

You'll be glad you did!

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