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10 Tips That Are Sure to Increase Your Email Profits


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Although most everyone has heard that the money is in the list. But how do you go about making money with your list? You send email to the people on your list, of course. Following are 10 tips that are sure to increase your email profits:

1. The basic rule is always; identify the objective of your email before sending it out. Regardless of whether your goal is to generate sales, gain referrals, or just create goodwill, you should begin by clearly defining your objective.

2. In life, you've got to give a little to get a little. The same is true in email marketing. Provide your subscribers with plenty of freebies, it will build rapport and solidify your relationship with them. Although this technique may cost you a little money up front, it will provide you with great benefits in the long run.

3. Always try to keep your message as focused as possible. Every sentence must serve the purpose of promoting the objective of your campaign, otherwise don't even bother sending it out.

4. It is also very important to keep the message short and sweet. Don't ramble on; be direct and to the point.

5. Make sure your emails do not include any typos or grammatical errors, as it will certainly turn off your customer. Do a spell check and proof read your email twice before sending it out.

6. Never try to sell something at the very beginning. The success of your whole campaign depends on this. If your subscribers think that all you want to do is sell them something, they will stop opening your emails and quickly unsubscribe from your list.

7. NEVER spam! It is illegal as well as irritating.

8. Track your messages to determine how many are getting through to your subscribers. As technology improves, spam filters get more aggressive and may be preventing your message from reaching its intended audience. Use software to ensure your message gets through the spam filters and reaches your subscribers.

9. Don't use fancy terms or industry jargon. For example, if sending out an email on PPC, don't assume that everyone knows what PPC stands for. Begin your email with simpler language and write out Pay Per Click (PPC). This makes your message crystal clear and user friendly.

10. Never use hard sell techniques. Simply give them information about the product, highlight its benefits, and give it your endorsement. Leave the rest up to your customer.

By following these 10 tips, you are sure to increase your email profits Good luck!

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E Mail Marketing Tips to Increase Online Profits
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