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Viral Email Marketing, Your Ultimate Branding, List Building and Traffic Generation Strategy

Hadee Roslan

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What is viral email marketing? Basically, it's Viral Marketing using Email. This marketing strategy allows you to distribute your marketing message as wide as possible in the shortest time. The wide spread distribution effort is performed by the people reading your marketing message.

What do you get out of it? Here's a scenario for you. You send out a single message to your initial distribution list. Your viral message then entices your users to further distribute it to their own distribution list. Say you have a list of 10. This 10 would then distribute it further to their list of 10. Do you see the pattern? Within minutes, your marketing message would have been distributed to hundreds if not thousands of readers. Just from your initial list of 10 readers. Imagine how much coverage you get to market to.

Your Ultimate Branding Strategy. If you are just starting a new brand, you should then use this strategy to create brand awareness. Yes, use this infectious marketing method as one of your corporate branding strategies. Offer something of value related to your brand. Entice your readers to spread the word to their lists. Within minutes, your brand will be known by people all over the world. Try offering something FREE at first. Watch how your brand gets noted in a matter of hours or days.

Build Your Opt-In List. Utilizing the free offer you have in your marketing message, provide your readers with an opt-in list. Entice your readers to opt-in into your list with that free offer. Encourage them to also spread the message further to their list. This is probably one of the best methods of building your list. Send out a marketing email, wait and watch your list grow. How much simpler can it be?

Website Traffic Generation. You have a website but no traffic? Well, take a look at the first two benefits we've talked about. You are offering a FREE item to your readers. In order to get the FREE item, they are given an opt-in option. Now, let's say you provide all these from the comfort of your very own web site. You would then receive a ton of traffic to your web site, wouldn't you?

How is that for an ultimate marketing strategy? Just from a single marketing email, enhanced to become viral, you get three direct benefits. One single strategy to perform branding, list building and traffic generation.

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Seven Key Steps to Building an Effective Email Marketing List
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