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Sponsor Daddy Review What is the Sponsor Daddy Marketing System?


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SponsorDaddy is a new Internet and Email Marketing System. It is simple to use and explain and very replicable. It is what you need to keep your down line going strong. It will free up a lot of your time now spent marketing in other ways. How does it work and what does it do?

It depends on what you intend it to do. When you join you receive two duplicate websites. One that offers the Sponsor Daddy System to others and one that allows you to offer up to three of your current income opportunities. Let's say you are already involved in Internet Network Marketing and you are offering people an opportunity to join your Health or Beverage Products Company.

You would send your prospects to your SponsorDaddy website link. As a member their System will automatically send out emails to 10K opt in leads, people who are interested in joining an income opportunity online. It then follows up on your leads and any prospects and attempts to convert them to sales. So is it just an auto responder service? No.

The first page of the website explains the benefits of joining a home based business, perhaps breaking down any prejudice someone may have against network marketing. It then directs people to you as a potential sponsor and works to build a relationship for you with the prospect. It then works to encourage the prospect to consider your Opportunity or Product. As far as I know, Sponsor Daddy is the first complete system that merges the explanation of the home based industry in general with an automated prospecting and follow up system.

In addition to this, The Sponsor Daddy Marketing System also attempts to interest prospects in itself. The specific site they use for this is SponsorDaddy. This is basically the same website, however, it directs prospects to joining Sponsor Daddy as a business or income opportunity as compared to directing them to your number one income opportunity.

Sponsor Daddy makes it possible for you to earn back your inital Enrollment fee by sponsoring four new members into the program. It also makes it possible for you to earn as much as $10K per week through their Binary Compensation Plan. Obviously, at some point you could potentially earn enough to pay for your monthly plan, thus making the whole system free. The key to this possibility is whether the whole System works. Does it?

As a new member, I can't say right now. However, as the system is implemented, I will add to this article and answer that question. Will it work? In my opinion, I believe it will. This system is the work of experience. As the site says, Sponsor Daddy is where tradition meets innovation.

What advantage is there to this Marketing Program over others I've used? It saves you valuable time. It also puts all your leads and prospects in one single source. It also sends out messages to the leads that come with the system or through the monthly plan (starting at $25.00) that you become a part of. In other words, you join and let the system do most of the work.

This System is especially easy and beneficial for new networkers who don't know how to use an auto responder, don't know how to write sales letters, don't know how to do spam compliant email marketing and probably can't afford all the built in features separately. What are these?

Video emails, live actors, lead capture pages, tracking and movies. The trends and introduction to Sponsor Daddy clearly explains that this System utilizes all the key ingredients for Marketing through Social Networking and Videos which is the current trend on the Internet. After all, it doesn't matter if you have the greatest product on earth if no one hears about it or you. Marketing is the key to your financial future. Sponsor Daddy can be your ticket to make it happen.

Andrew Sinay is the owner of A. Andrews & Sons Marketing Group. His opinion has been well respected by Business Owners and Internet marketers from around the world. You can learn more about Sponsor Daddy by going to or calling Andrew Sinay at 951-805-8585.


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