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Kill Or Be Killed

Stan Pontiere

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Kill or be killed may seem a little dramatic but, with all of the competition for your reader's interest, if you don't write a killer headline for your newsletter, the results are going to kill your business. It is one thing to get people on your list but if they don't read your newsletter, you end up dead in the water.

When I first started out email marketing, I thought that all I needed to do was headline my newsletter with the newsletter name and everyone would read it. Then I looked at my open rate stats and nearly died. I work really hard to put a solid content business building article into each newsletter that is sure to build my readers’ businesses. But, after reviewing my stats, I realized that the only reason that people were signing up for my newsletter was to get the unique ebook that I was offering free with my opt-in form.

I knew that the people that were actually reading my newsletter were getting great business building information and those few were also very responsive and were buying my products. I only promote the best products in my niche. The goal then was to get more people not only to join my list but to actually read the content.

I realized that most of my list members are likely members of many other lists and that the competition for their time was paramount. It was then that I changed over to writing a killer headline for each newsletter that I sent out. Of course, offering something free in the headline would be the best headline of all but, there is just so much free stuff that you are able to offer. In lieu of a free offering with each newsletter, I chose the route of writing a killer headline that would force them to open my emails. My emails are so content rich that once someone actually starts reading them, I am able to gain their respect for my expertise and build the bridge of trust between us.

Typically, it only takes about 20 or so minutes to write a great newsletter. I now spend at least three times as much time dedicated to writing a killer headline. If you don't have a killer headline, your hard work and expertise are going to turn to dust.

Ever since I started writing attention grabbing killer headlines, my open rate has skyrocketed and as a result my business was back on the path. So, the moral to this little story is don't just rely on your list to build your business, give them a killer headline and a good reason to open your email. No matter how good your newsletter is, it does you no good if list members don't bother to even open it up.

If you question this, just think back to the emails that you received this morning. How many did you actually read and how many did you just send to the trash bin and what was the reason you opened the emails that you did? You and I both know the answer, it was the headline that captured your attention. So now, go back to your list and write them a killer headline and give them a real reason to read your content. Like I said: Kill or be Killed.

Stan Pontiere has been an online marketer since 1997. At first part-time and then full-time since 2004. For further information on Marketing on a Shoestring please visit: or my blog at: Please feel free to reprint this article as long as the article and resource information are left in tact.


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